When Sushi Meets Batik

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Today my man and I met in City Walk to have lunch together. Why why why? Because we wanna eat at Sushi Groove before entering the Ramadhan.. hahaha.. Well, even though I don’t have anything to do in that area (yes, I took off from my parents house just to meet him there), but in a huge spirit of meeting him and also strong will to eat at Sushi Groove, so here I goooo .. mrgreen When Sushi Meets Batik

I wore a very thin dark orange pashmina called “serat nanas” in Indonesian πŸ˜€ , chocolate arabian inner, my gorgeous batik maxi dress, my dependable “Arnessio” white bolero, and my daily gladiators, with a brown ladies bag (I got it as my last year’s b’day present from my very good friend, Destya a.k.a Bozz, she bought it only for me when she was participating on a World Choir Games in Austria πŸ™‚ thanks sis! ), and off course my 25-pieces bracelet, and my watch.. ❗

dsc08382e1 When Sushi Meets Batik
Orange Pashmina ~ Mom’s | Arabian Inner

dsc08383e1 When Sushi Meets Batik

dsc08400a When Sushi Meets Batik
Left Side

dsc08386e When Sushi Meets Batik
Batik Maxi Dress ~ Mbobatik | White Bolero ~ Arnessio | Brown Hand-Bag ~ from Destya | Gladiators ~ Charles and Keith

dsc08387a1 When Sushi Meets Batik

dsc08389e When Sushi Meets Batik

dsc08388e When Sushi Meets Batik
This is how I look, is this style suit me?

and these are some of our photos at SUSHIGROOVE..

dsc08391e When Sushi Meets Batik
dsc08392a When Sushi Meets Batik
He stares at a live show from TV One.. πŸ˜€
dsc08390e When Sushi Meets Batik

dsc08393e When Sushi Meets Batik

dsc08396a When Sushi Meets Batik

Batik Maxi Dress

I bought it online from Mbobatik..Β  I love this Online Shop because it sells so many cuteΒ  clothes with great designs and uniqueΒ batik patterns.. And we usually call the seller “mbo” (stand for “old ma’am” in javanish).. mrgreen When Sushi Meets Batik

White Bolero by Arnessio

hhhfff… I bought it a long long time ago.. I don’t remember the price anymore.. πŸ™ But it’s under Rp 100.000 for sure.. πŸ˜‰ You can find Arnessio in several malls in Jakarta..

Orange “Serat Nanas” Pashmina

It belongs to my mom. She got it when she was attending a neighbour’s religious recitation a.k.a Pengajian. This occasion is usually hold by the family of the bride/groom. I think it’s not very expensive..Β  Maybe around Rp 15.000 (wholesaler price)



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  1. Ola ola
    ak suka banget scarf orennya dipaduin sama dress kamu,
    very suit you dear!
    ak juga punya scarf persis punyamu tu la, favoritku malah (warnanya)
    tapi sayang karna itu seratnya jarang2 jadi gampang banget sobek kena peniti yah.. huhu..

    1. thanks cyiiintah.. πŸ˜€
      iyaaah, sayangnya gampang sobek.. makanya jgn pake pniti say, lebih baik pake pentul ato bros yang gede skalian, biar ga nyangkut2.. πŸ˜‰

  2. maxi dress nya cantik πŸ˜€

    1. makasih say.. recommended seller deh pokoknya si Mbobatik itu.. πŸ˜‰

  3. aiiih..cantik as always!! πŸ™‚
    aku belum pernah pake pashmina model serat nanas gitu..pake pashmina model biasa aja masih berantakan..hahaha

    1. hehe..thanks sayaaang.. kamu jg cantiiik.. πŸ™‚
      mungkin krn ketebelan kali ya, jd di leher suka kayak “gemuk” gitu.. hehe.. *problem aku kalo make pashmina*

  4. Dear Lovely Ola,

    4 thumbs up for jeng Ola .. always look different and gorgeous .. nice pics ^__^d .. many thanx for reviewing c mbo’s product ya jeng .. lupyu ..

    Much Love and Heart,
    Mbobatik Artdrobe

    1. aaiiih, ada si mbo.. πŸ˜€
      thanks for visiting yah mboo..
      and thanks for the lovely dress too.. keep selling many unique Batik yah.. πŸ™‚


      1. kan c mbo selalu gentayangan di dunia maija jeng .. jadi panteng trus blognya jeng Ola .. xixi
        sip sipooo .. c mbo will prepare it for you .. πŸ™‚
        just wait n’ see y jeng ^__^

        Much Love and Heart,
        Mbobatik Artdrobe

        1. ya ampyyunnn..baru ngerti klo “maija” yg di namecard mu itu artinya “maya”.. πŸ˜†
          tag2 yaa mbo.. jangan sampe aku dilupakan.. hihihihi..

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