Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

As you might noticed, that I really AM addicted to online shopping.. I just found another great stuffs for my wedding day. We’re talking about wedding shoes. mrgreen WedShoes ❗ yup yup yup… I found an id on facebook that sell shoes from Edward Forrer (EF). Actually, I never wore shoes from EF before, but I already know that it’s a very famous brand in Bandung. 😆 I dunno exactly where this brand came from.. I mean which country.. Some say it’s a local brand, but as I read on the website, it’s from Aussie.. 😀 😀 😀

So… at first, I was in love with these shoes:

31435_123268431023642_100000214575119_317314_6978437_n-copy WedShoes
F7 BRIDE 01 PRICE RP. 279.000,- DISCOUNT 30% Now Rp.195.300,-

Could you see the price?!!! OMG, it’s so affordable! This online shop gives the buyer extra 30% discount, it’s cheaper than the EF official website.. 😀 But sadly, mba’ Dina (the seller) told me that this model is running out of stock.. :'(

Desperately looking for a pair of decent-off white-which-doesn’t-cost-too-much wedding shoes, I found another perfect model for the wedding day.. here it is:

31435_123268434356975_100000214575119_317315_54325_n-copy WedShoes
F7 BRIDE 02 PRICE RP. 289.000,- DISCOUNT 30%. NOW RP. 202.300,-

Yippy… I found my wedding shoes.. It’s very simple, neat, yet very elegant.. The heel is only about 5cm (I can’t stand high heels!! seriously!).  And the most important thing is, it’s quite affordable! mrgreen WedShoes *dance

Beside that wedding shoes, I also ordered a pair of casual tan wedges for only Rp 84.500! Yup Yup, It’s because mba Dina is giving 50% discount for selected items until end of May..

14120_124935037523648_100000214575119_325671_2780402_n-copy WedShoes
F8-JJ-2 PRICE Rp. 169.000,- DISCOUNT 50%. NOW Rp 84.500,-

I’ll put this pair on my Casual Thingy Seserahan, along with my brown Marc Jacobs tote bag, and a cute batik long dress (that I bought from online shops too.. 😀 ).

I’m very proud of myself, because as a wife to-be, I can managed to buy affordable stuffs without forgetting on how it’ll look on my seserahan convoy, and have budgets for everything . Well you don’t wanna make your husband frustrates just because of your uncontrollable shopping behaviour isn’t it? Managing your seserahan items is a very good time to practice about our financial budget.. If you can’t control your own impulsive emotion, then who else? 😀 That’s why I prefer online shopping rather than window shopping. Because what I like about online shopping is that I can be FOCUS! 😀 I search what I need, I can compare the prices, then get the best price on the best online shop.. And apparently it prevents me from impulsive shopping.. *Am I right? I guess so.. hihihhi*

Btw, those shoes has just arrived smoothly and safely in my house today.. 😀



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  1. once i bought shoes from online shopping but they didn’t fit well on my feet 🙁
    sometimes it’s better to try them first for shoes & clothes.

    1. yeah..sometimes shit happens.. LOL.. 😆
      But so far I never regreted any stuffs that i bought on Online Shops (OS).. Some of them maybe a lil bit different with the picture, because it’s depend on the blitz, photography, screen resolution, etc.. but afterall it didn’t reduce the quality..
      But this is indeed my 1st time to buy shoes on OS.. That’s why I only wanna buy a well-known branded.. So that I shouldn’t doubt the quality and the size anymore..

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