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The Ice Queen

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

to-3-big-copy The Ice Queen

color-blocking-40-of-76-copy The Ice Queen

color-blocking-21-of-76-copy The Ice Queen

color-blocking-10-of-76-copy The Ice Queen

color-blocking-41-of-76-copy The Ice Queen

This is my other look for the Colourful 5 Years Today’s Outfit Contest by

A friend in a forum even said this blue-silver color combinations remind her of the Ice Queen movie.. 😆

wish me luck! 😉


…I’m wearing…

Inner Ninja by riamiranda (dark grey)
Tubular Shawl 13 by MISLA (black polkadot purple)
Fringe Shawl by Cotton Ink (blue)
unbranded Tank Top (grey)
unbranded Cardigan (black & white)
unbranded Skirt (light blue)
Shoes by Yongki K (Red)
Bag by Guess (Silver)



Ola Aswandi | Twitter @olanatics | IG olanatics


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  1. biar bagus mesti pake cepol rambut ngga mba? makasih..

  2. biar keliatan bagus mensti pake cepol rambut ngga mba? Makasih..

  3. nice style sis^^

    1. thanks dear… 😉

  4. lucuuuu gaya turbannya…looks like hair..hehe.kapan kapan bikin tutorialnya yaah ^^ *ngarep
    good luck ola 🙂

    1. hehehe, wong cuma ditumplekin di kepala kok tubular shawlnya.. hihihihi.. 😆

  5. Good efforts. All the best for future posts. I have bookmarked you. Well done. I read and like this post. Thanks.
    IT Company India

    1. thank you for stopping by! 🙂

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