Sudden Venue Changing

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Yup.. Nikirani told us that if we insist on having a wedding on Masjid Al Bina, then we have to pay extra 5 million. ❗ It’s because there will be a lot of massive charges everywhere. Inspite of their affordable rent price, we have to pay for extra akad package for about 3 million rupiah.  And they will be asking our catering, decoration, and documentation vendors for extra fees. So does the parking area, they will ask extra fee from Nikirani.  😯 That’s why Nikirani couldn’t afford to manage my wedding if the wedding package is still on the same price like I already posted before. 😥

So we ask Nikirani if they can help us to find another venue that fit our budget. Since almost all venues was already booked on d’day. OMG, we’re having no clue! Nikirani asked us to give a day to find another venue. So yesterday, they called us that they already found us a good venue. It’s also on the mosque, so that we can have our wedding akad on the mosque. Thank God, we go for Masjid Sunda Kelapa! Yippy.. I love this venue better than Al Bina actually, but when my bf and I went there, they said that our wedding date is booked already. Well, I don’t know how Nikirani got it. 😆

My bf said, “It’s our destiny to have a wedding there. You always like Sunda Kelapa better than Al Bina.. 🙂 ”

masjid-sunda-kelapa Sudden Venue Changing

All I can say is Alhamdulillah… ^^



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