Sneak Preview: My Wedding Card

Assalamualaikum gorgeous!

What a stressful week..

So many arguments about wedding card that I don’t wanna write it here….

By the way, since I decided to design the wedding card by myself (well not entirely all of them are my designs.. I was googling to find the coolest vectors, backgrounds, etc.  😀 ), finally I have around 5 designs to offer to my bf, and families.. 😆 Is it too many?

But I’m in love with the last design!! (which I have created like 10 minutes ago.. 😀 )

I can’t publish them all, because the contains aren’t final yet.. (still gonna through a lot of arguing before we decide which are the appropriate sentences, names, blablabla for it).

Ok then, I’ll show you the card. Well this is only 1 small part of the card. It contains 2 quotations for the intro of the invitation… Me likey!!!!! 😀

d-kata2-mutiara-copy Sneak Preview: My Wedding CardAs you might noticed, the 2nd quotation is from Otto von Bismarck.

I don’t adore him at all. But I really love the words.. 🙂

Denn ich habe dich geheiratet, um dich in Gott und nach dem Bedürfnis meines Herzens zu lieben, und um in der fremden Welt eine Stelle für mein Herz zu haben.
Otto von Bismarck

For I have married you, to love God by loving you,
and for the need of my heart to be loved, and to have one place for my heart in the strange world.
Otto von Bismarck



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