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Shop Fair 2012

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

I wanna share a short story about an event called Shop Fair or The Online Shopping Fair which held on July 13rd-14th, 2012 at Epicentrum Walk, Jakarta. On July 14th I was there to represent Hijabers Community as one of the speaker in a talkshow about “Love Your Followers, and They Will Love you Back”. Beside Hijabers Community, there’s also mba Hanifa Ambadar from

The talkshow went so well, and quite fun. It’s my first time actually to speak as representation of HC. A lil bit nervous, but alhamdulillah I can manage it. hihihi.. πŸ˜€

The questions was mostly about the initiation of HC,Β how HC could maintain its members, Β role of social media for HC, what kind of activities that we do with our members, etc.

shopfair-84-of-92-copy Shop Fair 2012

shopfair-68-of-92-copy Shop Fair 2012

shopfair-63-of-92-copy Shop Fair 2012

shopfair-54-of-92-copy Shop Fair 2012

shopfair-28-of-92-copy Shop Fair 2012

Beside talkshow, we also have our own booth. And we sell our newest book called Hijab Style by Hijabers Community. Do you already have it gorgeous? πŸ˜‰

shopfair-20-of-92-copy Shop Fair 2012 and Adritia..

shopfair-18-of-92-copy Shop Fair 2012

shopfair-17-of-92-copy Shop Fair 2012

shopfair-2-of-92-copy Shop Fair 2012

don’t forget to take lots of pictures.. πŸ˜€

shopfair-22-of-92-copy Shop Fair 2012

shopfair-21-of-92-copy Shop Fair 2012

shopfair-8-of-92-copy Shop Fair 2012

shopfair-5-of-92-copy Shop Fair 2012

shopfair-6-of-92-copy Shop Fair 2012

I’m wearing..

Chiffon Shawl 13 by MISLA | Inner Ninja by SUCH! | Peony Jumpsuit fuchsia by MISLA | Ginger Vest dark blue by MISLA | Guess bag | Charles & Keith Heels



Ola Aswandi | Twitter @olanatics | IG olanatics


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  1. maybe I’m one lucky person, because I can be a part of Hijabers community. For second time I attended that HC activity and the agenda is watch Fashion show from JFFF.Bravo…i really love this event.How not (gituuh looh), it’s the first time I watch the fashion show that dedicated by APPMI dan saya sangat menikmati pagelaran indah ini.On that day show is filled by muslimah designer. And one of designer is Our beloved friend Miss Dian Pelangi, and results of his work is really and very amazing design.And I regret not able to take pictures for all design, because I very seriously watch this Fashion Show..qiqiqiqiqi.. if you wants to see the results of design or design picture, maybe you can peek web Miss. Restu, cause she capture a lot of Fashion at that event. you can check the blog : ( may miss Restu already complete his coverage ).and here their are my picture results of JFFF event.

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