Seserahan Part 1

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!


Today I met my beloved friends, The Apems.. Yippy, we was laughing out loud, and we really have a good time together πŸ™‚Β  .. Well, it’s good for us, especially for me who recently have a little breakdown because of the wedding arrangement.. sigh.. But so glad I can met my girls! XOXO..

So, today we’re hangin’ out at Plaza Semanggi. With a strong companion by my friends, I decided to buy some stuffs for seserahan. πŸ˜€ Firstly, we go to Gramedia because I wanna buy an Al-Qur’an there. After about 10 minutes searching, I found a very beautiful Qur’an with 3 languages! So the Qur’an has 2 translations, in bahasa, and in english. Wow, me likey the Qur’an! ^___^ It has very beautiful colors too.. Btw it’s published by Al-Mizan. After picking the Qur’an, I was continue on searching some good books to read. Accidentally I found a good book that written by Quraish Shihab. The title is “Pengantin Al-Qur’an: Kalung Permata buat Anak-Anakku.” This book will be included on my seserahan.. ^^

So here they are, my new treasures to guide me through life before and after wedding:

dsc07799 Seserahan Part 1

PS: U can check the book review HERE!

Moving on to next items, my bffs and I are searching for lingerie and undies.. πŸ˜†Β  They ask me what kind of lingerie I wanna have, then I explained it clearly: non-bitchy, sexy, black, and simple (simple means only a one-piece lingerie, i don’t like the two-pieces type, it’s complicated, and wasting time..hahaha). πŸ˜€ After browsing the whole undies area on Centro, then we found a very simple, yet very sexy lingerie. Aaand, it’s B.L.A.C.K!! Ow ow ow.. We heart it! ^^ I don’t wanna post the clear picture here, lol.. let’s keep it private.. πŸ˜›

After the lingerie, I found a set of red undies with black flowers pattern.. uugh, I can’t never resist red and black things! πŸ˜€ Well here’s the package of my lingerie and 1 set undies from Vienna Fair (all of the items are 20% discount!):

dsc07807 Seserahan Part 1

The last items that I buy is a set of blue undies from Sorella. I like it because it’s a special package, they will give us a cute undies bag that match our undies color as a bonus from Sorella. This package has a special price also. Only Rp 135.000 for a set undies (Bra & Panty: we could choose a G-String/thong/boy-short type):

dsc07805 Seserahan Part 1dsc07806 Seserahan Part 1

Overall, today is a happy day for me.. ^___^

looking forward for the next hunt on wednesday at JACC Tanah Abang with mom!*

*Targets:Β  Towels,Β  Arabian wedding dress for akad, ready-to-wear Kebaya + Batik long skirt.



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