Ring O’ Ring

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

♥~ This is it! Our wedding ring! ~♥

We have ordered it in Toko Mawar at Mega Bekasi Hypermall. Less than 2 weeks, they already informed me that the ring is ready. Well, the result is okay. Not the best, but it’s worth the price, however.. 😀

The hand made quality is fair enough, even though I have a little correction on the doff area. But in 30 minutes, they can fixed it right away. Great! 😛

About the silver, hmm.. I don’t know… Maybe it’s because the silver is standing next to the white gold, so it looks very average compared to the white gold.. 😆 The hand made is not so good either, (again) compared to my ring..

So here’s the details:

Bride’s Ring –> 4,11 gr white gold 75%, and 0,10 ct diamond.
Groom’s ring –> 5,23 gr silver

4,11 gr white gold = Rp 1.233.000

0,10 ct diamond = Rp 1.350.000

5,23 gr silver = Rp 156.900

Hand made cost for 1 pair ring = Rp 450.000

——————————————————— +

Sum = Rp 3.189.900

But totally, we paid it for Rp 3.140.000 😉

p3220017-copy Ring O' Ring*hhhfff, it’s really hard to take a good-photogenic-ring picture using a pocket camera.. 😆 I need DSLR Camera! 😀

Well here are the reasons why we just want a classic-shaped ring:

1. It’s long lasting

2. The diamond is strongly stick to the gold.. u can see the big square that hold the diamond. So there’s no way that it could be accidently “separated” from the ring.. 😆

3. My bf doesn’t wanna put a diamond in his ring, nor using a gold. It’s because gold is forbidden for men in our religion, and he’s very careless with things. And, he wants to keep it simple, and humble. AND I want him to wear the ring! Yup, he insists on having this simple kind of ring, or he never wanna wear any ring ever! &%$^#%@#%…

4. Many of my bf’s friends who already married for a long time are mostly bored with their wedding ring! Yup, it’s true, they only use it on the first 3 years of their marriage. Or they wanna renew it. Off course with the latest wedding ring trends, and with better quality (if they could afford it). Or even not wearing it at all.. 😆 ❗ … So, maybe we’ll renew our wedding ring after 5 years.. 😆

However, wedding ring is just a symbol. And at last, it doesn’t mean anything.  Because after all, you marry the man, not the ring.

Toko Emas Mawar
Mega Bekasi Hypermall
Upper Ground 126 & 129
Jl. Jend. Ahmad Yani Raya



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