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Review: Khadija Cosmetics PARIS

b-lampung-trip-85 Review: Khadija Cosmetics PARIS

Assalamu’alaikum fellow readers!

I’m so excited to tell you about Khadija Cosmetics. It’s a #1  halal makeup brand from Paris, France, which values natural-based cosmetics and the most important thing is.. YESSS they’re HALAL! πŸ™‚

Last month I got email from Khadija Cosmetics who wants to send me their products to try on. I’m amazed that although Islam is the minority in Europe, but someone out there still believe and care enough to come up with the idea of producing halal cosmetics! Masha Allah!

b-lampung-trip-45 Review: Khadija Cosmetics PARIS

When the package has arrived, I was so thrilled to try all of them! Look at their kindness, yes I got soo many products that shipped all the way from Paris. πŸ˜€


Most cosmetic brands use Haram ingredients, such as pork grease, alcohol or insects in their products. It is not only disgusting to apply such products on our skin, but as a muslim, it can also have important consequences. As a matter of fact, one risks swallowing a bit of these products (with lipsticks, for example), and by doing this consuming haram ingredients. Also, having illicit substances on us is a cause to invalidate prayers.

KHADIJA has developped a 100% Halal product range, certified by the Halal Authority Board, a world-wide known reference of Halal certification. After years of research, our formula use only the most PREMIUM ingredients to offer the HIGHEST QUALITY make-up that enhances ALL BEAUTIES. – read more on Khadija Make Up

After I read the information above, I feel more sure about this brand. They don’t just sale, but they also educate the muslimah about the important matters of using halal products. Love it!

b-lampung-trip-46 Review: Khadija Cosmetics PARIS

Now let me tell you my first impression after wearing Khadija Cosmetics’ products such as:

I got these 3 gorgeous shades. My favorite is Oud Red. Indeed, because I love Red, and the Oud Red here is so pretty. πŸ˜€ Anyway, the texture of this lipstick is soft, it has shimmery effect, but not too much. I found it hard to apply the nude Antique Rose color on my lip, I have to reapply them over and over to get the color I want. But once I’ve done, I got the pretty nude lips already.

Note for the packaging – it’s a little hard to bring up the lipstick from the bottom. It doesn’t come up smooth if you know what I mean. maksudnya seret gitu dibukanyaaa. But that’s okay!

b-lampung-trip-57 Review: Khadija Cosmetics PARIS
I wore shade Oud Red

Honestly, I rarely use lip gloss for daily wear. I only use them on special occasions, since the glossy effect will make your face look fresh, and make your smile shine. Especially if you like dewy look, these glosses are on point. They’re rich, pigmented, and has rich intensity.

b-lampung-trip-278 Review: Khadija Cosmetics PARIS

b-lampung-trip-354 Review: Khadija Cosmetics PARIS

b-lampung-trip-280 Review: Khadija Cosmetics PARIS

  • Dentelle De Peau Eyeshadows
    • Taupe De Jour (Daily Taupe)
    • Rose Innocence (Innocent Pink)
    • Foret Magique (Magic Forest)
    • Bleu Nuit (Blue Night)

It’s a little tricky to wear these eyeshadows, since I’m not so familiar and competent to apply powder eyeshadows like this one. That’s why I need to be really careful while applying them to my eye lid so the powder won’t mess up with my face alias berantakan. But when I’m done, I get the gorgeous intense glamorous eye look. Maybe I have to start with eye makeup first, and leave the foundation for last. This way, I can easily clean up any eventual surplus without having to start all over. My favorite are Daily Taupe and Magic Forest. The green eyeshadow can really pop up your brown eyes!

b-lampung-trip-382 Review: Khadija Cosmetics PARIS
I wear Daily Taupe as my eyeshadow

Same as the eyeshadows, this kohl has powder texture. I apply it with my Angled Kohl Brush. Again, I’m not very competent when it comes to eye-powder thingy. The color itself is very intense, contains glitters, and long lasting.

b-lampung-trip-319 Review: Khadija Cosmetics PARIS

b-lampung-trip-73 Review: Khadija Cosmetics PARIS

I’m in LOVE with the brushes! Seriously, I didn’t expect to get these kind of quality before. They’re so soft, easy to blend perfectly, and they’re free from any animal origin material. These brushes positively replace my brushes collection. I wear the Kabuki Brush now and then, everyday. Yes, these brushes are worth to buy!

b-lampung-trip-62 Review: Khadija Cosmetics PARIS

b-lampung-trip-51 Review: Khadija Cosmetics PARIS

  • Mineral Foundation Powder (Dentelle De Peau Fond De Teint)
    • Beige 09 (light color for Asian)
    • Beige 13 (medium color for Asian)

I got these 2 shades of Khadija Mineral Foundation, I preferably wear the Beige 09 for special occasion or as highlighter, and if I want a natural finish look, I’ll go with the Beige 13. I love this mineral foundation because it has super soft texture and the coverage is medium to full, it leaves my skin velvety smooth without the cakey feeling. To apply it, I definitely use my Kabuki Brush. The finish look will be so natural.

Btw, they also share very useful tips on their web:

DENTELLE DE PEAU’S COLOUR-ADJUST technology lets you control the shade: the more you apply, the darker.


Start by defining if your skin is light, medium or dark. To choose between GOLDEN and BEIGE shades, ask yourself which precious metal suits you best, GOLD or SILVER?

– GOLD: GOLDEN shades will enhance the warm tone of your skin

– SILVER: Prefer BEIGE shades to flatter your skintone.


In order to apply DENTELLE DE PEAU Mineral Foundation, you will need a KABUKI brush.

1. Dip the brush into the cap

2. Tap brush to remove excess

3. Apply using circular movements over the face It is important to apply all over the face and neck, so as not to have a visible mark.

WHY ARE THESE CIRCULAR MOVEMENTS SO IMPORTANT? They enable a more uniform make up result, by spreading the product there where it is needed and removing the surpluss of product in other areas.

b-lampung-trip-49 Review: Khadija Cosmetics PARIS

b-lampung-trip-385 Review: Khadija Cosmetics PARIS

b-lampung-trip-155 Review: Khadija Cosmetics PARIS

Thank you so much Khadija Cosmetics for letting me try your fabulous great quality makeups! I wish you a great success, and I hope one day Khadija Cosmetics will be available in Indonesia, especially on my webstore, hihihihi πŸ˜†


P.S: Who knows I could meet Maryam , the one who send me emails, in Jakarta! Masha Allah.. Khadija Cosmetics was joining CosmoBeaute Exhibition at JCC, Jakarta, last month. I know nothing about it until Maryam sent me an email 2 days before the exhibition started. I’m so glad I could meet her in person and talk about her products. She’s so kind and humble.. Although I was late and almost lost the chance of meeting her, but alhamdulillah we finally met. πŸ™‚

khadija-jakarta-1 Review: Khadija Cosmetics PARIS

khadija Review: Khadija Cosmetics PARIS

khadija-jakarta-3-copy Review: Khadija Cosmetics PARIS
For you who wanna shop their products on, please use this code OLA742 on the checkout, you’ll get 10% discount and free postal mail delivery! Masha Allah.. πŸ™‚



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  1. Mba Ola, mau tanya dong…

    Khadija ga ada pressed powder nya ya? Thankyou πŸ™‚

  2. Baru tau nih ada kosmetik yg namanya islami. Khadija. Dari Perancis pulak yah. Makasih Mbak udah share. Mau meluncur langsung ke web-nya deh, liat-liat duluuuu. :)))

    1. Ola Aswandi says:

      Sama2 mba Isti.. Hati2 mba, nanti pengen hehehe

  3. Wah.. Seru banget dikasih trial makeup lengkap gitu. Akhir2 ini, sejak liat makeup demo dari Hepi David, aku lebih suka ngerjain eyemakeup dulu baru pake foundie di muka. Jadinya lebih rapih. Walaupun kalo daily mah masih suka2 aja. Hehehehe.. Jadi penasaran sama brand ini. πŸ™‚ TFS Ola. πŸ™‚

    1. Ola Aswandi says:

      iyaaa seneng deh dikasih mainan baru kayak gini mba Mira hahaha.. Noted laen kali ngerjain mata dulu kalo bgituh.. πŸ˜€

  4. Wah, baru tahu mba, ada kosmetika dari Perancis yang halal. Muslimah di sana bisa tenang pakai make up

    1. Ola Aswandi says:

      iya bener mbaa.. alhamdulillah yaa ada kosmetik halal ini di Europe sana πŸ™‚

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