No Matter If It’s Black or White

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Okay, this is my first daily style review. I will talk about my outfit that I wore in the opening post.. Yup, no other than the B/W outfit. πŸ˜‰

Since “affordable” is always be my style’s middle name, so, please don’t ask for brands.. πŸ˜€ I love branded things for stuffs like shoes, and bags. But for clothes, there’s totally no boundaries for me. I can hop in Poncol-Senen to find some cool 2nd clothes and skirts, or jump to ITCs, or have a business-time on Tanah Abang (yep, business time for my online boutique mrgreen No Matter If It's Black or White ), or even buy some branded clothes “IF” I had lots of money to spend.. hahahaha.. πŸ˜† Because I believe that a true stylish people can shop everywhere in every circumstances. No matter how is the shop/market’s condition..

True stylish people will always find great stuffs on their own..

So, don’t be glad if you have all the branded things in the world, if you can’t make people around you amazed to see your today’s style.. (hmmppffh.. Please translate this “amazed” word in a positive way.. Not a weird “amazed” word.. hehehe..), AND if you can’t mix n match those items properly.

And here they are..

haurainsiyah No Matter If It's Black or White
Black Veil ~ French Cotton for Rp 8.000 (wholesaler price); Yellow Brooch ~ Stole it from my old ITC dress.. πŸ˜€

dsc08329e No Matter If It's Black or White
Black High-Waisted Pants ~ Tanah Abang Rp 40.000 (wholesaler price)
dsc08312e No Matter If It's Black or White
V-Neck White Cardigan~ Senen 2nd Market Rp 12.500;Β  Black Tanktop ~ ITC Rp 20.000

dsc08313e No Matter If It's Black or White
Ladies Watch, Bag and GladiatorsΒ  ~ Esprit, Louis Vuitton & Charles and Keith
dsc08320e No Matter If It's Black or White
Photo taken in Goethe Institut, Jakarta
dsc08326e No Matter If It's Black or White
With my ladies..

As you can see, the main highlight in this outfit is the black high-waisted pants.. I love the pants so much, because it makes me realize that my belly is getting bigger and bigger.. shooooot.. πŸ˜€ But I love the model, however.. πŸ˜‰

My weak point is the gladiators.. I think it would be better if I wear black pumps.. BUT, since I have to take public transportation, I prefer to wear a cozy brown gladiator pair.. As long as it’s match with the bag, so it’s okay..

If you have a big butt, don’t dare to use this high-waisted pants!! It will totally shape your butt. And it doesn’t look nice to hijabers like us.. But since I have flat butts.. πŸ™ So, it’s okay to wear it.. πŸ˜€ excuse

PS: Do you realize how cheap my clothes can be? πŸ˜† shy




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  1. hello.. haha.. I also like buying clothes at ITC.. πŸ˜€
    the thing is, there are too many cute things there, so I once ended up spending quite a lot of money :-p
    yeah, high-waist pants are a bit tricky for hijabis like us.. but we can still wear it and look modest

    1. hahaha.. I think we’re facing a same problem dear.. :mrgreen:
      but to avoid the impulsive shopping, I try to go there with a limited budget.. and WITHOUT bringing any ATM.. hahahaahaa.. It’s hard, but it works.. you should try it.. hehehehe.. πŸ˜€

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