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Mari Berhijab Team

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Alhamdulillah now the social movement called Mari Berhijab has a team!

Hopefully we all can make this movement bigger. We also hope that more ukhti will be wearing hijabs! InshaAllah  😉

img_5328-13-copy Mari Berhijab Team

(From left to right: Iwed, Yuni, Lia, Mala, Dita, Uci, Karina, Indah, Wida, Me)

Even though we didn’t know each other at the first time, but food unite us all.. hahahaha.. Yup, the conversation went smooth because of the yummy foods from all of us. Potluck rocks! 😆

img_5329-14-copy Mari Berhijab Team

img_5326-11-copy Mari Berhijab Team

img_5333-18-copy Mari Berhijab Team

img_5334-19-copy Mari Berhijab Team

Thank you girls for coming. I’m always very happy and excited to have new friends. Cemunguuuudh for Mari Berhijab yaaa.. 🙂


This was my look at that day by the way..

img_5319-3-copy Mari Berhijab Team

img_5320q-5-copy Mari Berhijab Team

img_5318-2-copy Mari Berhijab Team

img_5323-8-copy Mari Berhijab Team

I’m wearing…

Flowery Shawl 7 by MISLA | Lily Dress blue by MISLA | Tuxedo Coat by MISLA | Crocs



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  1. bismillah smua,,halus ciyus loh,,g4 b0l3h m41n-m41n, all

  2. makasih kak Ola :D, love you all *bighug

    1. kecuupsss… :*

  3. bismillah.. semoga bisa semangat terus yaa team.. love you all :”)

    1. semangaaaaaaaaaadh! 😆 :mrgreen:

  4. So sad, aku ga bisa dateng di pertemuan pertama kemarin, semoga bisa hadir (wajib) di pertemuan berikutnya! Lets wear hijab 🙂

    1. iyyaaaa sayang kamu ga bs dateng.. next meeting dateng yaaa 🙂

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