Mari Berhijab

“Mari Berhijab” Movement

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Long time no blog post (in this blog)! hehehe.. πŸ˜€

Well, my life is getting busier each day, and I feel so grateful for that alhamdulillah.. But on this very special post, I’d like to inform you about a new movement in Indonesia, called “Mari berhijab” (translated as “Let’s put your hijab on”). Fortunately, this movement is initiated by me and it’s inspired by a hashtag in twitter called #ceritahijab (hijab story). πŸ™‚

Started from a spontaneous idea of helping other unfortunate sisters who have a strong will to “hijrah” to be a hijabers, this movement is growing BIGGER each day! Subhanallah. πŸ˜‰ I feel so proud to be the initiator of this movement. We also get tremendous supports from Hijabers Community, and other muslimah communities in Indonesia. Allahu Akbar!

How do we help them? By trying to provide Hijab Starter Kit for our sisters and Muslimah School Uniform Set for unfortunate students. You can surely donate for this movement. Wait for more updates in the blog!

Meanwhile, the blog itself has its own role to share hijab stories from all sisters around the world, sharing thoughts about hijab, and encouraging our sisters who (maybe) still feel unconfident, shy, or even ashamed of wearing hijab without judgements or harsh opinions about them-not-wearing-hijab-yet. We continously build their awareness to fulfill their obligation as a muslimah – to wear a hijab.

Not only hijab stories, you can also send your poems or photos about “Hijab in the Society” to along with your short profile and a photo of yours.

mariberhijab "Mari Berhijab" Movement

I have shared my own hijab story in this blog. You can read it HERE. But trully sorry because everything in there is written in Bahasa Indonesia.. πŸ˜€

Let’s inspire each other by our stories and actions. Let’s make it BIG! Insha Allah.Β Just send your hijab story to with email subject “HIJAB STORY” along with your short biodata & photo.

You can also follow their twitter on @mariberhijab



Ola Aswandi | Twitter @olanatics | IG olanatics


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  1. salut buatmu la :))

  2. Dear Ola, kalo mau ikutan share cerita tentang pertama kali berhijab, gimana caranya? Thank you:)

    1. dikirim ke aja bersama dgn biodata singkat & fotomu. Kirim dgn subyek email HIJAB STORY. πŸ˜‰

  3. my hijab is my freedom..

    proud to be muslim πŸ™‚

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