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Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Since I have nothing else to do…

I think I wanna write about “Marital Pre-Requirement for Indonesian Citizen & Foreigners in Indonesia”.

Ok, these are the following requirements in English version (well I have tried to translate it though) 😀 I got it from Masjid Agung Sunda Kelapa (MASK) which located in Menteng, Jakarta Pusat:

=> Administration Requirements for Indonesian Citizen:

1. Cover letter from RT and RW according to the bride’s/groom’s Recidence Identification Card a.k.a KTP.

2. N1, N2, N4 Forms from Kelurahan (District) according to the bride’s/groom’s Recidence Identification Card a.k.a KTP.

3. Recommendation letter from the local KUA according to the bride’s/groom’s Recidence Identification Card a.k.a KTP .

4. 2nd and 3rd points should be given to the KUA office Menteng ( MASK located in this area) by enclosing: –  A Copy of KTP and KK (Family Identification Card), and – 4 ID photos with size 2×3 cm.

5. Enclosing a marital endorsement (if you never got married before) from RT / RW. And original divorce letter for widow/widower.

=>  Administration Requirements for Foreigners who wanna be married in Indonesia:

1. A copy of passport.

2. A copy of birth certificate (Civil record).

3. Marital endorsement by the embassy/ corresponded diplomat in Indonesia.

4. Endorsement letter by the Police of Republic of Indonesia.

5.  A copy of islamic convert certificate (for mu’allaf).

6. Divorce letter (widow/widower)

7. Tax receipt or proof of tax settled (for foreigners who work in Indonesia)

8. Correspond letters in foreign languages have to be translated into Indonesian by an authorized translator.

9. A copy of KITAS (Temporary Residence Permit Card) for those who reside in Indonesia.

10. Citizenship letter and endorsement letter by local police (for those who resides in Indonesia).




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  1. Hi Ola,
    Does this requirement apply similarly to other KUA?
    Thanks a bunch 🙂
    Good luck for ur wedding darl!

    1. hmm.. well, I think so.. 🙂
      Gud luck for your wedding too.. 😉
      Semangaaat! 😀

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