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Kara’s Bornday Part 1

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

How’s your daaay? I hope you are doing great, wherever you are.. 🙂

On this post, I wanna share some of Kara’s bday bash photos and stories on 16th January by Sebaya. Here we go..

together-copy Kara's Bornday Part 1

We met at Musholla (small mosque) of Gandaria City (Mall) to firstly did our Dzuhur there. Yeah, it was only 4 of us this time. Rommy and Fitri was late, Siti & Nadya was out of Jakarta. Since our finest photographer (Siti) couldn’t come, so I decided to bring my camera to capture the moments. Sorry for the amateur results girls! 😀

We went to karaoke place to celebrate Kara’s bday. But before that, let’s charge our energy first with a bowl of hot Ramen. Yaay, finally I could taste this Ramen 38 Sanpachi. It was hot even though I just ordered the level 2 of the ramen’s hotness. But it’s yummy! We only ordered small size at that time.

sanpachi-copy Kara's Bornday Part 1

karasuci-copy Kara's Bornday Part 1

Kara is smiling all day long. She’s so happy at that day.. 🙂

Suci just had a lil problem while she was otw to meet us, that’s why she was a lil bit in the bad mood (at the 1st time). 😀

berempat-copy Kara's Bornday Part 1

Okaaaay, to be continued yaaaaa.. there are still lots of pics to share!

**Bumil udah pegels ngedit dan nulisnya. Sabar yoo**  😆



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