Hunting Part 2: Catering

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Last Saturday my bf, my mom, my sis, and I went to hunt some catering services. There are top 3 on our list, Caterindo, Alfabet, and Kiki Catering. These caterings are in the same level,  they are quite affordable (for us), and the foods taste yummy! (based on weddingku forums).

First, we went to Caterindo Catering Service at Mampang Prapatan. They were very kind and friendly. They kindly informed us about the budget that we have to spent on a wedding. They also providewedding packages so when you don’t have much time to organize your wedding, then they should be on your top list. As we were talked, they give us free generous food sampling, such as their famous dendeng balado, and fried fish fillet . They were so yummy! the dendeng was very crispy.. we hearted it.. ^^ There are 3 types of the buffet packages.  For Masjid Al-Bina, the prices are: 50.000 IDR (Type A), 55.000 IDR (Type B), and 65.000 IDR (Type C). The prices may vary, it depends on your wedding venue.

Okay, then we moved to Masjid Al-Bina. My mom and my sis wanna see the venue. And at that day, there was a wedding party on the hall. They used Nikirani Wedding Service for the whole things, from catering, to decoration. My mom and my sis was interested on this wedding service, so my sis decided to call the Nikirani Wedding Service, and asked about the prices. The officer was very friendly, they asked us to go to their office at Rawamangun. My bf (who practically acted as “only” a good driver  said yes 😀 )…

But before going to Nikirani, we have already decided to visit Alfabet Catering Service at Manggarai. At their office, they served us with delicious traditional cake (i forgot the name) along with teh botol Sosro. 😀 So, the soft-spoken-officer told us about the prices, and she also gave us a catering inquiry details (with numbers, and percentages).  The prices for Masjid Al-Bina are: 55.000 IDR (type A), 60.000 IDR (type B), and 65.000 IDR (type C).

After that, we went to Nikirani Wedding Service. The office is small. It’s side by side with their private house.  But it’s cozy after all. So, we met mba Susan, the outspoken energic lady who loves to talk.. 😆 My mom and my sis was easily connected with her,  since all of them are outspoken people.. 😀  She explained that they are providing a one stop wedding service. So, they can organize all stuffs for our wedding. Here is the prices of the wedding packages for Masjid Al-Bina: Wedding Package Type A for 500 people (42.800.000 IDR), Wedding Package Type B for 600 people (45.800.000 IDR), Wedding Package Type C for 800 people (49.800.000 IDR). Wedding Package Type D for 1000 people (I don’t get the price, since we don’t want to invite 1000 people.. 😀 ) .  All packages include: wedding venue, buffet, decoration, make up for the bride, parents, pagar ayu, receptionist, and companion + outfit + accesories, Gebyok, Photo studio + video shooting, bonus, etc.. It’s quite affordable for us. That’s why my mom and my sis like it so much. 😛 Maybe we’ll use this wedding service, because it’s all in. It supposed to spare our time on hunting. 😀

Last but not least, we went to Kiki Catering at Pangkalan Jati/Cipinang Melayu.  The prices for each type are: 48.000 IDR (type A), 52.000 IDR (type B), and 55.000 IDR (type C). Sadly, they don’t provide us anything to munch. 😆 My mom and my sis are not interested anymore, because they apparently have settled their heart on Nikirani. 😛

So, I can conclude that we’re 70% agreed on Nikirani. On 2nd May, we’re invited to see the wedding that organized by Nikirani. So we’ll take a look on it first before decided to say “we do” to Nikirani.. 😆

Some phone numbers of the Jakarta’s wedding catering:
1. Caterindo = 723.4138/39, 799.3581, 791. 84008
2. Nikirani = 489.2222, 478.60303
3. Alfabet = 829.4465, 831.3634
4. Kiki = 861.8746, 861.8750



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  1. gudluck with the prep ya, jangan lupa di update persiapan2 berikutnya, aku nge-link ke blogku ya,say.

    habis ini mo mampir, liat butik lilanya aah 😉

    1. Makasih yaa Indi… Btw lg skripsi jg ya? weleh2 sama kitah.. 😀
      oke deeh.. blogmu ku link jg yaa..
      huaa…lila butiknya lg ga keurus sm aku..hehe..
      silahkeun diliat2..n belanja yaa..nanti tmn gw yg handle.. 😉

  2. u/ Nikirani, Tipe c bukannya 59 800 000 yaa..

    1. aq dikasihnya sgitu say untuk di Al Bina.. itu untuk adat nasional, bukan yg tradisional. N kayakna tergantung gedungnya deh…

      1. ohohohho…baiklaaa 🙂

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