Here We Go.. My Souvenirs!

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Last night Maulana Souvenir texted me that my souvenirs are done! Wow, so fast, just 1 week from the day I ordered it.. 😀 At first I was kinda worried about it, since there’s bad rumours about this store. But today, I witness it with my own eyes, that my souvenirs are OK and I’m pretty satisfied with it…. 🙂 Thank God!

Ok then, these are the photos that I had promised to post.. 😛 (read the related post, HERE)

dsc07924 Here We Go.. My Souvenirs!

dsc07925 Here We Go.. My Souvenirs!

dsc07927 Here We Go.. My Souvenirs!

dsc07932 Here We Go.. My Souvenirs!

I only split it into 2 colors, because those colors are 2 of my wedding color theme.. Red (maroon) and Off White.. I already asked them about the silver color, but they said they don’t have it.. 🙁 But it’s okay though, I’m very satisfied with them.. ^___^

Maulana Souvenir
Basement Floor AKS 131E-131F
Ps. Regional Jatinegara
Jakarta Timur
Telp.: (021) 8197103/Hp: 0812 9472067
PS: Don’t worry, u’ll easily find it, because it’s a quite big store.. 😉



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  1. haniza says:

    how much ur souvenir per pcs dear?

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