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Get a Sexy Smart Look!

Assalamu’alaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

This post is about a seminar and fashion show event of Wacoal and Aquila Asia. Wacoal launched their new products called “Sexy Look”. Two of my HC’s friends (Nalia Rifika & Fathimah Rommy) and I got a chance to attend this cool event. Thanks to Aquila Asia and Wacoal.. 🙂

I got lots of informations and tips from the short seminar. E.g. How to wear our undies correctly, and how to choose the proper fabrics of bras & underwears for hijabers like us. This is very important, because we have to be selective on choosing it, so that the undies line won’t visible on our clothes. That’s very annoying, isn’t it?

Besides the presentation from Wacoal, The spokesperson of Up2Date had also informed us about how to dress smart and sexy without having to show up our skin and body curve. She told us about creating a proper layer of inner and outer outfit. Cool!

There’s also a small fashion show from Up2Date. But the best part is that the wacoal team had given their comments to Up2Date’s collection on what kind of bra & undies that fit properly on certain dresses. Either we should wear seamless bra or it’s okay to wear lace underneath the clothes. 🙂

img01341-20110512-1432-1-7-copy Get a Sexy Smart Look!MC & Spokesperson of Wacoal

p1240219-1-78-78-33-33-copy Get a Sexy Smart Look!Spokesperson of Up2Date

::Up2Date Fashion Show::

p1240186-1-45-45-12-12-copy Get a Sexy Smart Look!

::Wacoal on commenting Up2Date’s outfit::p1240195-1-54-54-17-17-copy Get a Sexy Smart Look!

p1240202-1-61-61-22-22-copy Get a Sexy Smart Look!

p1240209-1-68-68-27-27-copy Get a Sexy Smart Look!

p1240215-1-74-74-29-29-copy Get a Sexy Smart Look!

p1240227-1-86-86-37-37-copy Get a Sexy Smart Look!

I found this event very interesting. And as a gift from answering a question from the MC, I got a nice orange make up bag from Wacoal.. Yippy! 🙂 Psst: Fika and Rommy got extra gifts too from answering other questions. Plus Fika also got a doorprize from Wacoal! hahaha.. What a lucky day for us.. 😆

::Hijabers Community on the event::

img01343-20110512-1518-1-8-copy Get a Sexy Smart Look!

img_2589-3-3-copy Get a Sexy Smart Look!

img_2605-2-2-copy Get a Sexy Smart Look!

img_2588-1-1-copy Get a Sexy Smart Look!

::What I wore::img_2586-2-2-copy Get a Sexy Smart Look!

img_2585-1-1-copy Get a Sexy Smart Look!

My Favorite Hareem Pants from Shabby Chic by Ria Miranda – Batik Coat from Griya Ardiati – Haya Scarf (This is the prize of winning The Best New Blog 2010 on 😀 )

img_2593-5-5-copy Get a Sexy Smart Look!

img_2592-4-4-copy Get a Sexy Smart Look!



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  1. Greeeeeeeeat Blog Love the Infomation you have provided me .

  2. Zainab Ikram says:

    WOW!!!!! I just LOVEEEEEEE the first 2 dresses with cropped jackets. Absolutely coooool.

  3. MAHWISH says:

    Waooooww Gr8 I like it tOOoooo Muchhhh…

  4. Rania says:

    Interesting event! Thank you for sharing.. wish I could come too 🙂

    Love your style, Ola.. ^^

    1. U’re welcome dear!

      Owh thank you! 😉

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