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Geek in The Pink

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Hey baby look at me go
From zero to hero
You better take it from a geek like me
I can save you from unoriginal dum-dums
Who wouldn’t care if you com…plete her or not

(Geek in The Pink – Jason Mraz)

karaoke-misla-crew-15-copy Geek in The Pink

karaoke-misla-crew-4-copy Geek in The Pink

karaoke-misla-crew-7-copy Geek in The Pink

karaoke-misla-crew-8-copy Geek in The Pink

karaoke-misla-crew-21-copy Geek in The Pink

karaoke-misla-crew-12-copy Geek in The Pink

karaoke-misla-crew-13-copy Geek in The Pink

karaoke-misla-crew-14-copy Geek in The Pink

karaoke-misla-crew-18-copy Geek in The Pink

karaoke-misla-crew-17-copy Geek in The Pink

karaoke-misla-crew-16-copy Geek in The Pink

I’m wearing..

Cotton Shawl by Casa Elana | Inner by InaScarf | Basic Dress by MISLA | unbranded Tank Top (bought it on Pasar Senen for 5k only.. πŸ˜€ ) | unbranded local synthetic leather bag from Bogota (stole it from my sista πŸ˜€ ) | Gladiator by Charles & Keith | Unbranded Geek Glasses




Ola Aswandi | Twitter @olanatics | IG olanatics


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  1. cantik~
    mampir juga ke blog kami

  2. style yang bagus

  3. cantik πŸ™‚
    mampir juga ke blog kami

  4. wow, thanks kaka.. so, i have an idea to mix and match my dress.. Tinggal pke outer tanktop looks good on me juga ga ya.. hihi

  5. nice model and nice dress πŸ™‚

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