Mari Berhijab Meet Up MISLA Preggie Look

FUN Time!

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

How’s your day? I hope you all in great condition.. Aamiin..

I wanna share about my last week meet up with 1 new friend and my  2 best friends 🙂

We had a great time full of laughing, and tears of joy.. hahaha..

11 FUN Time!

Okay then, let’s meet them one by one.. 😉6 FUN Time!

Lala/Laras, she’s my new friend I’ve been talking about. She’s still studying at UI and also working at one of famous travel in Jakarta. So yes, she travels a lot and she dives! and it makes me wanna kill her! hahahaha.. We knew each other from Twitter. Well it’s all because a movement called ‘Mari Berhijab‘ that initiated by me. She’s really interested on helping me on that movement. Alhamdulillah.. 🙂

5 FUN Time!

Tini, she’s my long long time friends, we known each other because we went to the same university, major, and the same class for 6 years! hahahaha.. yeaaah what a long time to build a deep friendship! She’s so funny and adorable. She’s always there when I need a partner in crime.. 😆 I’ll be missing her so much because InshaAllah next year she’ll start making her dreams come true in Germany. Wish her much of luck dear! 😉
7 FUN Time!

Liza, same with Tini, she’s also one of my long time friends in University. She’s a very nice person, she’s very helpful, and very expressive.. 😆 She’s my Abenteuer partner (adventure partner). We usually get lost together in a new places.. hahahaha.. She’ll be going to Germany also next year.. huhuhuhu I’m gonna miss them so much! Bless her and her passion to make her dreams come true!

We held the meeting at Sushi Groove, Grand Indonesia. As a preggie, I have the right to pick the place! hahaha.. I pick this restaurant because I reaalllllly wanna eat this!!!!! aaaaah sooo tasty!!! Yum!

10 FUN Time!Beef Mozu Bibimbab

2 FUN Time!

They’re so expressive. Look at this picture below..1 FUN Time!😆 😆 😆

9 FUN Time!

8 FUN Time!

Thanks for the good time girls! See you next time! muaaach4 FUN Time!

What I wore?3 FUN Time!

Magnolia Black Cotton Pashmina | MISLA fuchsia Earthy Bolero | Neptune Maxi Dress | C&K Gladiator | Guess Handbag



Ola Aswandi | Twitter @olanatics | IG olanatics


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