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EF #1: Equilibrium

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

After I read mba Nita’s post about BEC, I decided to join this new club. My intention is to practice my english which I barely used since long time ago. Actually my confidence just drop into the lowest level after I read some blog posts of my fellow BEC bloggers. 😆

Long story short, as member of BEC, we shall make post every Friday based on the picked theme, and it has to be written in English (English Frday/ EF). Yep, this kind of challenge did make me gulp, and drown me in sweat, literally! Pfiuh..

So this week theme is “word for 2015“.

I want to pick a word that describe my vision to be more consistent, stable, content and balanced. So I chose:

equilibrium1-1024x330 EF #1: Equilibrium

Screen-Shot-2015-01-09-at-9.28.19-PM EF #1: Equilibrium

I have the urge to evaluate my last year’s journey, and I reach a point where I think that this year will be perfect to reach the equilibrium of my life.  I need to improve my personal life instead of focusing too much on my job, gadgets, whatsoever.

Well, right now I already have a son who’s growing up so fast-I-can’t-almost-keep-up, sometimes it makes me sad to leave him with nanny at home, even for 5 working hours, and it’s not everyday. Altough my “office” is just 10 minutes from home, but still, I somehow think that I waste my time on working too much, I “forget” to look after my kid. I always got my gadgets near me and intensively “communicate” with the social medias and business thingy while my son is watching me so busy with my gadgets, and sadly, he’s playing by himself. 🙁

 My husband and I are also planning to have more kid this year. Hopefully when the time comes, I can focus more on my family and my religious activities. Aamiin.

after all, family comes first, right?



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  1. Finally I can read your post mba. I guess it was due to poor connection at home.
    This is unique. Love your words very much. <3 <3 <3
    After all, family always comes first!!!
    Fighting!!! 🙂

    1. Ola Aswandi says:

      yeaaaay.. finally.. thank you for stopping by yaaa mba Sandrine.. 😀

      yes indeed! 😉

  2. Ciyan Adek ya, Mbak.. 🙁

    Tapi namanya jadi orangtua pun banyak belajar. In Shaa Allah ngga akan ngulangin kesalahan yang sama. Ayeeeee~ 😀

    1. Ola Aswandi says:

      iyaa, padahal aku juga bukan wanita karier yang 9-5 di kantoran.. Kayak gini aja udah berasa guilty.. but then, semoga bisa lebih baik dr kemarin

  3. Assalamualaikum!
    I like your blog. It is beautiful. and your “equilibrium” photo is also stuning..
    Hope next week I can join the club too. 🙂

    1. Ola Aswandi says:

      Thank you mba Yanet! Yes you should join the club too. Salam kenal! 😉

  4. Hi Mba,
    Really nice written post. You have choose an unique word that I’ve never thought off.
    About gadget, I shared a video before in the group, titled Look Up – and also posted it on my blog (Social Media). But yes, most of us now are caught up with the gadget and forget about people around us. Hopefully we can manage a balanced life. Cheers.

    1. Ola Aswandi says:

      Thank you for blog walking mas Ryan! I’ll search the video on your blog yaa.. Aamiin! Have a balanced life ahead! 🙂

      1. Bundo.. baru baca tentang BEC ini. tampak seruu. Sudah lama ini bahasa inggris gak pernah dipake. haha

        In shaa Allah will be join next friday. The theme will be announce at mas ryan’s blog?or where?
        anyway, you must watch Look up video bundo!!

        1. Ola Aswandi says:

          Sudah ditonton, baguuus dan maknyeess… 🙁

          coba kontak Nita deh fik, ada grup whatsappnya jugaa..

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