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EF #9: The History of My Meet-Ups

After missed 2 EF challenges, I really want to join this week’s challenge.  This week’s theme is about sharing my meet-up moment with bloggers.

Uuh, I have so many wonderful experiences about it. Blogger meet-up is something that I really am excited about!

SWC-meetup-POST EF #9: The History of My Meet-Ups
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My first meet up with strangers was actually happened years ago. It was gamers community. A Pet Society Game on Facebook to be exact. Hahaha. They were very generous on giving me stuffs on the game, hihihi.. We met several times and I still keep contact with some of them until now.  🙂 Oh, beside that, I also met a friend in Germany for the first time after months of chats. He’s Tammo. And later on, he became one of my best man on my wedding day! Yes, he came to Indonesia just to attend my wedding. 🙂

Moving up to blogger meet-ups!

My first blogger meet-up was a gathering held by, the “it hijab blog” in 2010 – 2011. It wasn’t a small gathering at all. It was HUGE. Around 60 hijab bloggers met at the same place, same time! It also became the kick off of hijabers movement. In this meet-up, I have no guts to attend the event all by myself. I just recently convert my look into a hijabi. Thus I have no confidence at all. So I ask my bestie, Liza, who was also recently wearing hijab to came with me to the meet-up. Although I already know some faces by continuously blogwalking each other, but still…hehehe.. Although I didn’t get the chance to greet all bloggers, but I managed to meet some new friends there. Alhamdulillah.

Months later, after my wedding, I was invited to a chat group which contains 30 famous bloggers, designers, hijabers. I was very glad to join this chat group. We then had our first meet-up at Tia’s house, and decided to initiate a community which later known as Hijabers Community. I felt so honored and lucky at the same time. I was no one (still am). Just a random hijab blogger newbie. Thank you for the opportunity to know you all!

Later on I decided to initiate a social movement called Mari Berhijab. Alhamdulillah I got another chance to know some new faces through this movement. After that, I met again with some of HC’s committee who also bloggers and on the same age as mine. We decided to meet up with Suci Utami, a famous youtuber and a hijab blogger. The rest is history, we stick together until today as besties and named our group as Blogger Married (Blomer). By the end of 2014, we initiate Indonesian Hijab Blogger.

kopdarihb-7 EF #9: The History of My Meet-Ups

One meet up leads to another. Through IHB, I met Nita, a dentist, who being so vocal about blogging stuffs, she happened to be fully occupied with blogging knowledge that bring all of us in awe. Not long after IHB’s first gathering, Nita posted about Blog English Club. A Club which initiate by Nita, and her blogging friends. With no doubt, I decided to join the club. This club is really out of my inner hijab circle, out from my world. It consists from a lot of backgrounds, and there are male bloggers too, which I used to call male blogger as alien because I never interact with male bloggers before. I always ignore comments from men because my blog was a hijab blog, so what the hell they’re doing on my blog! Hahaha. 😆

But that was the old me. Now I am more open with any kind of friendship, as long as it brings positive energy to me. I’m so glad to know mas Dani, mas Ryan, mbah Andik, and other male bloggers from BEC! They have deep thoughts and teach me so many lessons through their blogs. Salute!

Unfortunately I can’t join the first BEC meet up, but I hope someday we can meet and discuss about anything together, OFFLINE! 😀

One thing for sure, that it is always nice to add some new friends to your contact list! I love hearing different stories from different angles, because it can broaden my life perspective, and it makes me rich inside. Yes, make friends do make us rich! 😉

Okay, this “history of my meet ups” lesson seems too long. I gotta end this now!

Final words, let’s meet up, let’s make friends! 😀



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  1. Pet Society emang asik banget tuh.
    Dulu sering banget pake cheat biar duitnya langsung banyak =))
    Beli beli enak deh hahaha…
    Keren Mbak Ola. I saw your name di Islamic Book Fair, tapi nggak perhatiin acara apa hahaha.
    Salam kenal ya 😉

    1. Ola Aswandi says:

      Hai Una, aku silent reader blogmu lhoo.. salam kenal yaa.. 😀

  2. Can’t wait to meet you on next Tuesday Ola.. InsyaAllah.. 😀

  3. It is our pleasure to meet you Ola, especially me. I want to know more about blogging stuff from you. So be ready if we meet.

    You are such a initiator creative Ola. Woww.

  4. it must be so much fun gathering in a creative society like IHB
    I envy people with a talent in creativity, I wish I can be one
    I hope someday we can attend the BEC meet up

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