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EF #5: What Is BEC To Me?

Assalamu’alaikum fellow readers!

There is a club that I recently joined, it’s called Blog English Club (BEC). From its name we already know that it is mainly about blogging in English.

bec-5 EF #5: What Is BEC To Me?

You can say I’m a community-junkie. I had join several communities, yet most of them are hijab communities. This time, I wanna expand my network and knowledge through a different community. A place where I can learn English back from basic, meet new people outside my inner circle, read a bunch of the members’ cool blogs which offer different perspectives.

Through BEC I found out that blogging isn’t dying at all. It is me who didn’t want to discover the blogging world and got carried away by some micro blogging sites called Twitter or Facebook, and even fooled by Instagram.

I would personally say thank you to all admins, mentors, and members who bring new colors to my blogging life. Thank you for enlighten me through your spirits.

So what do BEC mean to me?
It’s a turning point of my blogging life, generally.



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  1. Me too, Mbak Ola. Joining in BEC is my turning point for my blogging activities 🙂

    1. Tossss Ami! Biar gak jadi bidadari dalam tempurung yaaa.. Hahaha

      1. *toss* 😀

  2. straight forward as usual *applause!!!* 😀

    1. Hahahaha.. Bukan gue kalo bahasanya berbunga-bunga.. 😆

  3. ihiiiy.. udah bukan bidadari dalam tempurung lagi yaaa.. ahahaha…

    1. Ola Aswandi says:

      Hahahahaa inget aja peribahasa ala ala eike

  4. Wa’alaikumussalam wr wb.. simple dan cetar… 😀 tetap semangat mb Ola

    1. Ola Aswandi says:

      Makasih mas Andik! Semangaaaaat

  5. Wooow. Such a strong statement! Really glad that we mean something to your blog Ola! Thank you for joining our community and mya this BEC can give us long term benefit! 😀

    1. Ola Aswandi says:

      Aamiin! Walo submit challenge nya suka telat, tapi I’ll do my best to keep up with BEC yaaaa mas Dani 😀

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