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EF #4: Doraemon’s Magic Tool

Assalamu’alaikum fellow readers!

This week’s challenge is about picking one tool from Doraemon’s magic pocket. It sounds fun and interesting! Doraemon was one of my favorite manga back then when I was a child. Doraemon’s theme song was my anthem. And off course I really want that magic door and take-copter (bamboo-copter)! But as I grow up ciyeeeh, those things are so mainstream. Hahahaha.. I mean who doesn’t want those magic tools? I bet we all want it for sure.. 😀

Door EF #4: Doraemon's Magic Tool
Anywhere Door

Fly4 EF #4: Doraemon's Magic Tool

Well, now I found that my preferences has changed.

What I really want from Doraemon’s magic pocket is….

😀 Time Cloth 😀

cydYFBc EF #4: Doraemon's Magic Tool
Time Cloth

Time cloth is all I need for this present life. Why? Because “clumsy” is my middle name. Especially when it comes to take care all of my gadgets, shoes, and bags. So I think it would be nice to have a piece of time cloth, so I will have a “brand new” things everytime something are broken. 😀

I also won’t need massive set of anti aging products since I can make my skin younger just by wrapping my face with TIME CLOTH! huahahaha.. It sounds brilliant! Oh and yes, do you smell business in here?

…Okay, now I sound like Suneo…



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  1. Ahahaaaa I also chose time cloth a.k.a Time Furoshiki… Same reason as you: clumsyness >___<

    1. Ola Aswandi says:


  2. anti-aging products…. LOL bener juga tuh!!!!

    1. Ola Aswandi says:

      bener khaaan… menuju 30 years nih eike..udah mulai mikirin anti aging hahaha

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