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EF #3: How Gadgets Affect My Life

Update: My post has been reviewed and corrected by the mentors of BEC, mba Yo and mba Nana. Thank you! So, I highlighted my mistakes and the corrections in blue. 😉

“Remark to Ola: try to vary the word gadget or gadgets with synonyms. You repeat the word quite often in your post.” – mba Yo


Assalamu’alaikum fellow readers!

This week’s challenge is quite complicated. Although it was my idea (…and I regret it now, DUH), this topic is really hard to handle. I can easily write about it in Bahasa Indonesia, but in english????


Okay then, let me try to sort everything up.

IMG_3870 EF #3: How Gadgets Affect My Life

Gadget. Who doesn’t have it? Even my nanny at home have has it and intensively communicate with her children and friends who live in the village with it. It really helps her to reduce her homesick during her working time at my house. So the effect of gadget in her life is a positive one.

Then how about me?

Currently, I have 2 gadgets that always accompany me everywhere. One is for my business thingy, and the other one is for my personal activities. You can always see me holding a gadget on in my hand. Even when I do the morning routine in the bathroom or while feeding my son. A naked truth I know.

I need to always stand by near my gadgets because I‘m also handling handle the sales activity for my clothing line. Even when I stay at home, I still have to coordinate everything with my employee at the office, especially to inform the incoming orders from the customers. Thankfully the stocking system of my clothing line is already an online base (thanks to my hubby), so I can check it from everywhere as long as I have internet working on my gadget. Oh, and not to forget that it is also my duty to update my clothing line’s social media accounts every now and then. Yes, frankly I still do it all by myself.

Gadget has a lot of benefit for me in running my business and making money from it. No further explanation needed. But how about the effect of gadgets to in my daily life?

My 2,5 years old son has started to watch television since he was 3 months old, and played with gadget since he was 1.5 years old. Now he even has his own gadget – my old android smartphone. He always asks to play with his gadget everytime he sees me “working” with my gadget, or when he gets bored with his toys. Yes, I always said that i’m “working” everytime he sees me so occupied with gadgets. Altough maybe I’m not really working, just checking my Line, Whatsapp, BBM chats which have so many social groups in it.IMG_3869 EF #3: How Gadgets Affect My Life

We can sit side by side without saying a single word because we are too busy with our gadgets. When he gets bored with his gadget, he asks me to play with him, and I say yes. But still, I can’t put down my gadgets and if I have to, my gadgets have to lay right next to me.

My son frequently has to call out my name 3 or 4 times before getting my attention. And my reaction towards him is only a simple “yes”, “hold on”, “wait a minute” or else, I get angry because he made me distracted from “my world”.

Don’t get me wrong, I read many articles about the effects of gadgets for on kids. I know that this isn’t right. But giving him gadget is actually a form of rescuing myself from being distracted from my gadgets. He becomes so occupied, and voila, I get a peaceful serenity to do my things.

As in my first EF’s challenge post, I wrote a word of 2015, it is Equilibrium. I know I’m being such a lame and ignorant mom, judge me as you wish, but I hope I can be better on time management and finally reach a balanced life this year.

FYI, my son is a smart, warm-hearted kid, everyone can tell. Ever since I introduced him with gadget, he became more emotional, easily reached tantrum, and liked to yell. People said it’s his time to be like that, “the terrible two” periode, and it’s normal. Well.. I hope it isn’t because of the gadgets.

Now I try to limit the usage of gadget for him. I continously ask him to play Play-Doh, painting, coloring, playing Lego, or doing more physical outdoor activities. He loves to dance to the music, he also loves to sing. I never ever want to ruin his life  any further just because a simple word called gadget.

So these are some examples on how gadgets affect my life. How about yours?



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  1. I’m happy that I’ve read an honest post like this. It has enlightened me in some way I can’t explained. You’ve explained the effect of gadgets to your family, you and your son especially. I feel that those effects are related to me too, in some way…

    I just hoped that you can implement your so-called chosen word, equilibrium, as I may recite, so your “journey” with gadget will surely be a wonderful one.

    Have fun, but be careful with those gadgets, Miss! 😀

    By the way, salam kenal 🙂

    1. Ola Aswandi says:

      thank you Gara! yes, it is kinda challenging for myself to write such content.. but I’d call it a moment of truth..

      aamiin, I hope this year is a better year for my personal life 🙂

  2. gadget is very important hehe

  3. Don’t know what to do without it. It’s my sort of center of command for my family’s activities. :)). Sorry, saya memasukkan link ke blog yg salah. Komen sebelumnya dihapus saja.

    1. Ola Aswandi says:

      Siaap mba Lusii, thank you for blog walking! Me too, I’m clueless!

  4. waa keren langsung di-update

  5. Nice share Ola.. aku senang di update post ini jd kita bs tau ya mana yang perlu di revisi ^^

    1. Ola Aswandi says:

      Iyaa mbaa, sama2 ya.. Aku update supaya berbekas di otak jg kesalahannya, jd gak terulang lagi deh hehehe

  6. Hi Mba Ola… Maaf baru berkunjung sekarang. Hehe.
    May I say… Wow. Salute to your entrepreneurship you have. I always admire those who are willing to go the distance and be an entrepreneur. I can see how gadgets are important for your life, been there done that also.

    1. Memang susah-susah gampang menghindarkan anak dari penggunaan gadget yang terlalu dini, mbak Ola. Kadang kalau pekerjaan kita menuntut selalu online, ini yang repot. Orangtuanya ngelarang anak pake gadget, tapi orangtuanya juga sekaligus mencontohkan. Saya saja sempat bersyukur karena tablet yang biasa dipake anak saya rusak, layarnya pecah. Jadinya bisa dialihkan ke kegiatan lain yang tidak menggunakan gadget. Tapi ya itu tadi, ortunya harus hati-hati untuk tidak mengulangi kejadian yang sama di depan mata si anak. 😀

      1. Ini juga yang agak mengerikan ya Mbah. 🙂 masih kecil dah sibuk dengan segala gadget. Dan kalau gak dipantau, ya seperti dalam berita-berita. Nonton porno pun jadi.

        1. yap.. betul om Ryan… makanya mendidik anak itu bener-bener memiliki tingkat kompleksitas yang sangat tinggi… kitanya harus jadi sempurna dulu di mata anak… *syulit sekali om*

          1. *puk puk Mbah Andik*

      2. Ola Aswandi says:

        iya betul, gimana bisa gak main gadget kalau ortunya aja megang terus yaa.. 🙁
        kemarin pas weekend bisa sih si anak full tanpa gadget krn ortunya fulltime utk dia. nah kalau hari kerja pas terima order nih yang bingung..

  7. It’s a very good & honest writing, Ola… Gadget & real life is everyone’s issue right now. And even more complex when we talk about gadget and parenting… I’m amazed of how you manage all your business thingy, blogging, blogwalking & social groups O_o I hope you’ll reach your equilibrium
    Dan emaaang makin banyak grup watsap makin ga fokus yeyyy >__<

    1. Ola Aswandi says:

      Thank you Tia! I know this article will be some kind of pengakuan dosa for me, but yasudahlah.. it’s reality and many friends of mine are facing the same situation..
      Ah my blogging time is after 11 pm. hahaha

  8. Boleh main tapi pakek batasan waktu ya, Mbak.. Untuk saat ini aku malah addict banget sama laptop. Ngga bisa deh kalok sehari ngga megang, bahkan pas lagi traveling pun ada aja yang dimainin. 🙁

    1. Ola Aswandi says:

      iyaa lagi berusaha membatasi dengan mengalihkan pake mainan lain… Huaaa laptop juga bikin addicted yaa.. apalagi buat blogger hahahaa

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