Style Inspiration Part 1: Mom’s Closet

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!


My mom’s wearing hijab since a long long time a go.. Maybe when I was around 9 years old (now I’m 23 FYI).. So can you imagine her hijab collections??? She has almost every hijab trends in decades!! πŸ˜† Yippy!!! That’s a huge benefit for me, since my collections only consist of cheap french cotton square hijabs and couple of pashmina (which I also “stole” it from my mom.. mrgreen Style Inspiration Part 1: Mom's Closet )

The Inspection

Well, I can’t just say to my mom that I want all of her hijabs. So, I was sneaking on her closet, and “borrow” couple of her hijabs.. hahahaha.. So, here they are, 6 valuable hijabs that catched my eyes..

moms-scarves Style Inspiration Part 1: Mom's Closet

Aren’t they very lovely????

Inset (based on my know-nothing-about-fabrics opinion):

1. Top row

  • Left: a rainbow chiffon scarf. It’s so light, and consist of 3 different colors, blue,light blue, and dark purple. Sooo gorgeous!
  • Middle: a 2 tones semi-silk scarf. The main pattern is like a chess board (glossy and mate squares).
  • Right: a light purple scarf. I love the details, it contains small purple stripes. d’oh, I really have to learn about fabrics.. 😳

2. Bottom row

  • a 2-sided tie dyed silk scarf. The colors are so unique. It was very famous in 90’s.
  • a brocade pashmina. Ooowwwwh, I love the color very much! β™₯β™₯β™₯
  • a tie dyed silk scarf. The pattern is like marble, very attractive..


I’ll definitely wear some of them on this weekend.. mrgreen Style Inspiration Part 1: Mom's Closet

I’ll be back at my next “Style Inspiration”… SOON! πŸ˜†



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  1. olaa.. aku mau pashmina brokatnyaa! hihi.
    btw aku link blog kmu ya sayy πŸ™‚

    1. hahaha.. tidaaaaak.. itu hasil penemuan harta karunku.. πŸ˜†
      tadinya itu ada sulur2 panjang gitu di bagian ujung2nya.. ala jaman dulu gitu.. trus aku potong aja deh, biar bisa dipake jd hijab kayak pashmina brokat jaman sekarang.. huehehe..

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