Eid Mubarak

Colorful Eid Mubarak ♥

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Eid mubarak to you, gurls!! This year is very memorable to me because inshAllah it’ll be the last Eid Mubarak for me as a single woman. 😆 😳

Anywaaaay, I wanna share some of my Eid mubarak photos with you, my kind readers. But unfortunately, there will be no head-to-toe outfit photo of mine, since I was too busy on taking pictures of everyone else (setting the self timer, etc.) 😀 and there’s  also no food photos.. shame on me.. I’m too lazy to take the pictures.. 😛

Well then, enjoy my colorful Eid Mubarak! 😀

~Day 1: with family!!~

p6170002e Colorful Eid Mubarak ♥

Oom Icap | Papi Riswan | Mami Iga | Cance Ola | Cance Novi | Varissa | Oom Uyunk

Ayah | Nayla | Daffa | Alvi | Ibu

p6170003e Colorful Eid Mubarak ♥

p6170016e Colorful Eid Mubarak ♥

p6170017e Colorful Eid Mubarak ♥

p6170018e Colorful Eid Mubarak ♥

~My outfit~

Niki/Pashmina ~ Up2Date: Rp 55.000 | Light Grey Arabian Inner ~ Sahara Boutiq: Rp 8.000 | White Basic Turtleneck | Grey Maxi Dress ~ LiLa Butik: Rp 100.000 | Pendant Pin | Esprit Watch

~Day 2: Mak Tuo’s House~

dsc09020e Colorful Eid Mubarak ♥Colorful Abayas 😀

dsc08997e Colorful Eid Mubarak ♥

Daffa | Ola | Mom

dsc08998e Colorful Eid Mubarak ♥

dsc09003e Colorful Eid Mubarak ♥

dsc09007e Colorful Eid Mubarak ♥

dsc08993e Colorful Eid Mubarak ♥

~My outfit~

Dark Blue Arabian Inner ~ Mega Mall Bekasi: Rp 10.000 | Stripes Pashmina ~ Ramadhan Bazaar by Metropolitan Mall Bekasi: Rp 45.000 | White Tops/ Tunic ~ LiLa Butik: Rp 100.000 | Blue Jeans: Point One | Bracelets | Pendant Pin | Esprit Watch

By the way, this post is also submited to HijabScarf’s quizzes. did you already join the quizzes? Hurry up, the quizzes will be closed on September, 20th! mrgreen Colorful Eid Mubarak ♥



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  1. hwaaaaa,,,senengnya kumpul bareng keluarga…. 2 minggu lagi aku baru pulang….:(

    1. waaaah, sabar yaa sayaang.. smoga bisa cepat berkumpul dgn keluargamu.. 😉

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