Hijab Styles Parade

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Ugggh.. I’m so busy at the moment. I don’t have time to take pics and post anything right now. It’s because there’s a couple projects that need to be done ASAP.. and one of them is my wedding project! 😆 Wish me luck gurls! 😉

So these are some hijab photos of mine. Most of all are still about DP’s style.. mrgreen Hijab Styles Parade

Well, however, I hope these photos could inspire you on wearing hijab! Altough all of them are very average.. 😀

dsc08867e2 Hijab Styles Parade

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Colorful Eid Mubarak ♥

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Eid mubarak to you, gurls!! This year is very memorable to me because inshAllah it’ll be the last Eid Mubarak for me as a single woman. 😆 😳

Anywaaaay, I wanna share some of my Eid mubarak photos with you, my kind readers. But unfortunately, there will be no head-to-toe outfit photo of mine, since I was too busy on taking pictures of everyone else (setting the self timer, etc.) 😀 and there’s  also no food photos.. shame on me.. I’m too lazy to take the pictures.. 😛

Well then, enjoy my colorful Eid Mubarak! 😀

~Day 1: with family!!~

p6170002e Colorful Eid Mubarak ♥

Oom Icap | Papi Riswan | Mami Iga | Cance Ola | Cance Novi | Varissa | Oom Uyunk

Ayah | Nayla | Daffa | Alvi | Ibu

p6170003e Colorful Eid Mubarak ♥

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Have Fun at German Book Day

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

These photos were taken around 2 weeks a go, when I was visiting German Book Exhibiton at Goethe Institut, Jakarta. The books were written by Baden-Württemberg’s authors. I love to see those books, especially the children books. 😀 I love the illustration! So funny and unique. 😀

credits: edited by one of The Apems’s member (my best girls), Yoshyfumi. Photographed by Liza and Yoshyfumi

30 Have Fun at German Book Day

29 Have Fun at German Book Day

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Another Pinky Theme

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

This is another pinky theme from me.. I just wore it today, when I was attending my man’s break fasting dinner with his old friends.. Everything is almost the same, but today I wore the pinky pashmina from Up2Date along with jeans, and my white-pinky stripe Converse. Yes!! I just remember that I have that shoes on the closet! It’s really match with my pinky theme.. 😀  and don’t forget to pack everything in a pinky Hermes bag (FYI it’s my sister’s bag. Yup she’s kinda endorse me with her bag collections in this blog).. mrgreen Another Pinky Theme Enjoy!

p6050123e2 Another Pinky Themep6050127e2 Another Pinky Theme

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Behind The Scene: LiLa Butik & The Printilans

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Yesterday the owner of LiLa Butik (Liza and I), Tini (the printilans a.k.a the disturber.. 😆 ), and our model (Windy) took the latest photo session at my house. The theme were “Ramadhan Mubarak”. So, most of the clothes are hijab-able.. 😀 Me personally loooooveee the maxi dresses so much!! And I can’t resist of buying 2 of them. hahahaaha, what kind of seller I am who can’t resist to buy my own selling stuffs??? 😆 mrgreen Behind The Scene: LiLa Butik & The Printilans

You can see my maxi dress here. and there are 2 available colors on sale at our Online Boutique.. The colors are lovely, green and peachy orange.. It’s made from cotton, very comfy to wear..

By the way, I just got a lovely “guilty” birthday present from Destya a.k.a Bozz.. mrgreen Behind The Scene: LiLa Butik & The Printilans Why I called it “guilty”? Because she forgot to say a happy b’day wish to me at that day..  😀 Hooraaaay, she gave me a very cute turquoise pashmina!! Yippy, I loooooveeee it so much. Thanks bozz!! You can see it as my hijab on the scene.. 😉


dsc08593e Behind The Scene: LiLa Butik & The Printilans


dsc08512e Behind The Scene: LiLa Butik & The Printilans

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