Wedding Reception: Be the Reds!

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

It’s time to share my wedding reception photos! 😉 I was wearing traditional outfit from Java, Indonesia, called Kebaya for the top. But for the skirt, I wore a traditional Songket from Sumatera. Actually I didn’t come from Java origin (my man does), I came from West Sumatera, where people don’t wearing any kebaya. Instead of Kebaya, we have Baju Kurung. It’s quite similiar with malaysian outfit. My wedding reception theme was “Minang Modification”, it was first recognized when an indonesian artist and singer named Bunga Citra Lestari was wearing this Kebaya on her West-Sumatera-(Minang)- wedding. Here she is:

malam_resepsi_bunga_citra_lestari_dan_ashraf_sinclair_di_golden_ballroom_hotel_sultan-20081110-017-anang Wedding Reception: Be the Reds!

and this is a traditional Minang outfit:

300px-Minangkabau_wedding Wedding Reception: Be the Reds!

FYI, My Kebaya’s design was made by myself lhoooo.. And I’m very satisfied with the result! *thumbsss*

Now, please enjoy my backstage and wedding reception photos.. mrgreen Wedding Reception: Be the Reds! readmore Wedding Reception: Be the Reds!

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