My Invitation Is In Da Hood Ya’ll!!

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Hoorraaaaaay… After about 1 week of waiting for my uncle to deliver the invitation, and now they are here!! mrgreen My Invitation Is In Da Hood Ya'll!!

To sumarize, I’m really satisfied with the result. The color’s perfect! So me! So RED!!! hahahaha…

Okay, here they are.. 😉

p5190001e My Invitation Is In Da Hood Ya'll!!

Envelope – front side

p5190005a My Invitation Is In Da Hood Ya'll!!

Envelope – plain emboss on the corner

readmore My Invitation Is In Da Hood Ya'll!!

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My Other Designs

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Setelah di cek, ternyata design cakepnya hanya 6 sodara2.. 😆

yang sisanya itu hanya modifikasi di bagian font, n printilan2nya ajah..

ini diaaa.. maaf ya kalau kurang bagus.. bener2 masih ijo soalnya sama si sotosop.. a.k.a photoshop.. hihihi

kumpulan-design My Other Designs

Design 1 & 2

kumpulan-design-2 My Other Designs

Design 3

readmore My Other Designs

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Invitation’s Syndrome

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Whoaaaaaaaa, I’m confused! 🙁  ❗

Should I go for my own design?


Should I just easily pick one of those instant designs from the printings?


I couldn’t decided my final design yet, because I keep making different designs… and it makes me confused.. to choose.. 😆



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Sneak Preview: My Wedding Card

Assalamualaikum gorgeous!

What a stressful week..

So many arguments about wedding card that I don’t wanna write it here….

By the way, since I decided to design the wedding card by myself (well not entirely all of them are my designs.. I was googling to find the coolest vectors, backgrounds, etc.  😀 ), finally I have around 5 designs to offer to my bf, and families.. 😆 Is it too many?

But I’m in love with the last design!! (which I have created like 10 minutes ago.. 😀 )

I can’t publish them all, because the contains aren’t final yet.. (still gonna through a lot of arguing before we decide which are the appropriate sentences, names, blablabla for it).

Ok then, I’ll show you the card. Well this is only 1 small part of the card. It contains 2 quotations for the intro of the invitation… Me likey!!!!! 😀

d-kata2-mutiara-copy Sneak Preview: My Wedding CardAs you might noticed, the 2nd quotation is from Otto von Bismarck. readmore Sneak Preview: My Wedding Card

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