When Pink Meets Black

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

I love black, it never failed to work with any colors (obviously). This time, I’d like to match my black Fanish Skirt & Cerruti Shawl with my baby pink Fashia Crop Top, (and also some true Red Lips) as my daily – office look.

Btw, I’m so sad because my handphone needs to be hospitalized (again). So I can’t post anything on my Instagram or Path account. 🙁

Anyway, I’ll give you this hijab look’s tutorial in the next post. Wait for it yaa..

black-shawl-g When Pink Meets Black

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Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

“Seems like everybody’s got a price.. I wonder how they sleep at night. When the sale comes first and the truth comes second. Just stop for a minute and smile 🙂 ” -Pricetag by Jessie J-

I’m so exhausted by overrated styles that some hijabers are showing lately.

Maybe it’s time for us to take hijab back as the modest & syar’i outfit. But yes, I’m not perfect, I still have so many things to learn to complete my syar’i look. For example, I’m learning to wear socks. But, sometimes I forget because my life is so hectic and fast lately with the baby. He comes first, and socks are (mostly) left behind. Huhuhuhu. Please pray for me sisters. 😳

Well.. This is my average-non-stylish-mommy look. I prefer simple clothes since I’m breastfeeding my baby. No time for heels or ribet clothes. We all want to have a great time with our beloved people without being ribet, don’t we? 😀

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