Hari Bersamanya

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Today is the day! Mungkin terdengar picisan, tapi cuma lagu ini yang terngiang2 di kepala gw beberapa hari ini.. mrgreen Hari Bersamanya

Enjoy! and wish us a very big luck! 😉

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Sneak Preview: My Wedding Card

Assalamualaikum gorgeous!

What a stressful week..

So many arguments about wedding card that I don’t wanna write it here….

By the way, since I decided to design the wedding card by myself (well not entirely all of them are my designs.. I was googling to find the coolest vectors, backgrounds, etc.  😀 ), finally I have around 5 designs to offer to my bf, and families.. 😆 Is it too many?

But I’m in love with the last design!! (which I have created like 10 minutes ago.. 😀 )

I can’t publish them all, because the contains aren’t final yet.. (still gonna through a lot of arguing before we decide which are the appropriate sentences, names, blablabla for it).

Ok then, I’ll show you the card. Well this is only 1 small part of the card. It contains 2 quotations for the intro of the invitation… Me likey!!!!! 😀

d-kata2-mutiara-copy Sneak Preview: My Wedding CardAs you might noticed, the 2nd quotation is from Otto von Bismarck. readmore Sneak Preview: My Wedding Card

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