Fresh Hijab Makeup Tutorial

cover-copy-2 Fresh Hijab Makeup Tutorial

Assalamu’alaikum fellow readers!

Kali ini saya mau share langkah-langkah makeup alias dandan kalau saya diundang ke suatu acara pada siang hari. Tampilannya simple, no false eyelashes, dan tetap fresh, terutama untuk kamu para wanita berhijab yang gak mau dandanannya terlihat too much.

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Makeup-Tutorial-thumbnail Natural Make Up Tutorial

Assalamu’alaikum fellow readers!

Sebenarnya sih saya gak jago dandan. Cuma hobi aja ambilin produk dari lapak beauty saya untuk jadi hak milik, hahahaha. Makeup hoarder banget. 😆

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Seserahan oho Seserahan

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!


lagi males pake bahasa Inggris. hehehe.. Kali ini saya akan selalu mengupdate list seserahan saya. hmm, tampaknya sudah hampir beres, tinggal sedikit lagi.. Semangaaat!!! mrgreen Seserahan oho Seserahan

Perlengkapan Sholat
1. Mukena (from mom-in-law) -> 1
2. Sajadah (from mom-in-law) -> 1
3. Al-Qur’an -> 1
4. Buku Pernikahan Pengantin Al Qur’an -> 1
5. Tasbih -> 1

6. CD + Bra (Vienna Fair, Sorella, Pierre Cardin) ->  3
7. Sexy Lingerie (Vienna Fair) -> 1
8. Piyama Lingerie + Robe ( unbranded) -> 1

9. Kebaya + Batik skirt Bahan tulle hitam – bunga merah & gold satin-> 1

Pakaian Pesta
10. Abaya Pesta (Brother’s land a.k.a Tanah Abang.. hihihi) -> 1
11. Tas Pesta (Chanel red @ Mix Match Online Shop) -> 1
12.  Sepatu Pesta (Laurensia – Matahari dept. store)  -> 1
13. Baju Kerja -> 1

Pakaian Casual
14. Dress Batik Casual (@ MboBatik Online Shop) -> 1
15. Tote Bag (Marc Jacobs @ Bublez Shop) -> 1
16. Sandal Casual (Edward Forrer @ Dina Lafie’s shop) -> 1

17. NYX Make Up Palette (@ Rie Butik) -> 1
18. NYX Lipsticks (@ Rie Butik) -> 2
19. NYX Lipgloss  (@ Rie Butik) -> 1
20. NYX Mascara (@ Rie Butik) -> 1
21. NYX Eye Brow (@ Rie Butik) -> 1
22. NYX Eyeliner (@ Rie Butik) -> 1

23. Handuk Besar Merah (Terry Palmer) -> 1
24. Handuk Kimono Merah -> 1

Perlengkapan Mandi
25. Bali Ratih Body Butter -> 1 Dewi Sri Spa Body Scrub Delima -> 1
26. Bali Ratih Shower Gel -> 1 Dewi Sri Spa Body Wash Delima -> 1
27. Bali Ratih Body Lotion -> 1 Dewi Sri Spa Body Lotion Delima -> 1
28. Bali Ratih Body Mist -> 1 Dewi Sri Spa Body Mist Delima -> 1
29. Bali Ratih Shampoo -> 1 Pantene Pro V Shampoo -> 1
30. Bali Ratih Conditioner -> 1 Pantene Pro V Conditioner -> 1
31. Lofah + Sikat2an utk manicure -> 1 set
32. Parfum (Benneton + Shower Gel @ Matahari Dept. Store) -> 1

33. Seprai -> 1



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My NYXs Are Here!!

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Yippy, as I have posted before, that I decided to do some pre-order on NYX make-up for my Seserahan. They have finally arrived!! mrgreen My NYXs Are Here!!

For the online store address, and for more details, click HERE

dsc07844 My NYXs Are Here!!The whole NYX Pre-Order Stuffs worth over Rp 900.000 (in store prices) mrgreen My NYXs Are Here!!

dsc07847 My NYXs Are Here!!Doll Eye Mascara Waterproof – Extremely Black

dsc07845 My NYXs Are Here!!dsc07846 My NYXs Are Here!!Front and back side of the Make Up Artist Box S106

dsc07850 My NYXs Are Here!!dsc07848 My NYXs Are Here!!NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss – Smokey Look; NYX Round Lipstick – Heredes, Tea Rose, and Honey

Beside those Make Up, I also ordered Zamian Gold Cacao Set, what’s that? You can check the details HERE

dsc07856 My NYXs Are Here!!dsc07854 My NYXs Are Here!!

Overall, I’m so excited about the products, and can’t wait to use it after the wedding.. If you’re interested on buying those products, please kindly visit the website. And #1 Rule is “BE PATIENT WITH THE PROCCESS”.. Because they order it straight from US, Japan, Korea, etc.. So there will be some “Bea Cukai” issues for a few days.. 😀

PS: I was thinking on ordering NYX eyeliner and eyebrow on that Online Shop.. 😀 They open another Pre Order till June, 8th 2010! So go grab your spot girls! 🙂



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Pre Order NYX Cosmetics

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Since i’m kinda addicted to online shopping, I decided to join Pre Order NYX Cosmetics at Multiply. 😀 They order it directly from Korea, so they can offer affordable prices than the counter prices.  What is NYX actually? Well it’s an american make up that has very wide variety colors  of lipsticks and eyeshadows. I’m in love with their make-up palette. Because it really saves lots of money. Why??

Well, it’s because this palette already contains:

36 eyeshadows *pigmented*

12 glitter gels for eyes/face/lip/body

3 powder

3 blusher

Applicator and mirror

It’s a good deal, isn’t it? 😉

I’ve also heard lots of good reviews about this make up brand in beauty forums.

Well this is how it looks:

Palette-S106 Pre Order NYX Cosmetics


It’ll look nice on my seserahan. mrgreen Pre Order NYX Cosmetics readmore Pre Order NYX Cosmetics

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