Shades of Brown

Assalamu’alaikum fellow readers!

Berhubung kemarin posting tentang acara blog training di Bogor, maka sekarang boleh yaa kalau posting foto-foto outfit yang pasti by MISLA ituuuh. eheemmm..  😆

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It Was A Great Day!

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

today is a great day for me.. Because I could spend my full day with my fiance.. mrgreen It Was A Great Day!
We go to Plaza Indonesia to see Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair (IIFF) 2010. Unfortunately, there’s no fashion show today, but we could see many muslim designer’s booth that placed in several area of Plaza Indonesia. I just took very few photos of the clothes, because we’re busy watching the perform of Dik Doank and kids from Kandank Jurank Doank Community. 😀 They are very great! I’ve recorded some of their performances. I’ll upload it later on my YouTube channel as soon as I can.. 😉

Another exciting thing is that I could be able to wear a different style of hijab today.. 😀 It was really weird, because before I met my fiance, I was taking a bus to take me to our meeting point, and the people was staring at me.. Especially at my hijab! 😆 (FYI, I’m not fasting today during the period, so my fiance ask me to meet me in the middle area between our houses. i live in Bekasi, and he lives in Kebon Jeruk. So sometimes it’s okay for me to meet him in the middle area). Anyway, I know it’s unusual, but I don’t have any lack of confidence when I wear it.. 😀 Yeah that’s me, I was born with a huge self confidence.. 😆 Lucky me.. 😎

By the way, I wanna show you my today’s edited photos using Picnik. I’ve been using this online photo editor for a year. It’s very handy, and easy may I say. I still use Adobe Photoshop sometimes, if I’m in a very good mood of creating something (e.g. my 1st scrapbook photo ). I could possibly say that I’m quite pro with picnik stuffs.. 😀

..Me and Picnik..

dsc08624e It Was A Great Day!

dsc08627e It Was A Great Day!

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Style Inspiration Part 1: Mom’s Closet

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!


My mom’s wearing hijab since a long long time a go.. Maybe when I was around 9 years old (now I’m 23 FYI).. So can you imagine her hijab collections??? She has almost every hijab trends in decades!! 😆 Yippy!!! That’s a huge benefit for me, since my collections only consist of cheap french cotton square hijabs and couple of pashmina (which I also “stole” it from my mom.. mrgreen Style Inspiration Part 1: Mom's Closet )

The Inspection

Well, I can’t just say to my mom that I want all of her hijabs. So, I was sneaking on her closet, and “borrow” couple of her hijabs.. hahahaha.. So, here they are, 6 valuable hijabs that catched my eyes..

moms-scarves Style Inspiration Part 1: Mom's Closet

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Behind The Scene: LiLa Butik & The Printilans

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Yesterday the owner of LiLa Butik (Liza and I), Tini (the printilans a.k.a the disturber.. 😆 ), and our model (Windy) took the latest photo session at my house. The theme were “Ramadhan Mubarak”. So, most of the clothes are hijab-able.. 😀 Me personally loooooveee the maxi dresses so much!! And I can’t resist of buying 2 of them. hahahaaha, what kind of seller I am who can’t resist to buy my own selling stuffs??? 😆 mrgreen Behind The Scene: LiLa Butik & The Printilans

You can see my maxi dress here. and there are 2 available colors on sale at our Online Boutique.. The colors are lovely, green and peachy orange.. It’s made from cotton, very comfy to wear..

By the way, I just got a lovely “guilty” birthday present from Destya a.k.a Bozz.. mrgreen Behind The Scene: LiLa Butik & The Printilans Why I called it “guilty”? Because she forgot to say a happy b’day wish to me at that day..  😀 Hooraaaay, she gave me a very cute turquoise pashmina!! Yippy, I loooooveeee it so much. Thanks bozz!! You can see it as my hijab on the scene.. 😉


dsc08593e Behind The Scene: LiLa Butik & The Printilans


dsc08512e Behind The Scene: LiLa Butik & The Printilans

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