Hijab Styles Parade

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Ugggh.. I’m so busy at the moment. I don’t have time to take pics and post anything right now. It’s because there’s a couple projects that need to be done ASAP.. and one of them is my wedding project! 😆 Wish me luck gurls! 😉

So these are some hijab photos of mine. Most of all are still about DP’s style.. mrgreen Hijab Styles Parade

Well, however, I hope these photos could inspire you on wearing hijab! Altough all of them are very average.. 😀

dsc08867e2 Hijab Styles Parade

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DIY Batik Tube Top

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Hi there, this is my 1st tutorial.. Sorry if it’s not so good, and so ordinary for you.. 😀

By the way, do you remember my outfit when I was attending Hijabis Break Fasting Dinner with Hijabscarf 2 weeks ago? I wore a Batik tube top that I created 5 minutes before took off to the event.. 😆 So here’s the tutorial. It’s very simple actually.Well, enjoy then! 😉


1. basic turtleneck

2. a short Batik scarf (nice pattern is a must!)

How to:

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Event: Ngabuburit with Sushi Tei

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

It’s show time!

These are the photos of the event that was posted earlier in HERE.

Overall, we had a pretty great day! Although we had to suffer on our way to the far far away Mall (Gandaria City): unknown route – got lost – broken TransJakarta on a flyover! – tired legs. But everything are worth it.. At the end. 😆

p6100003e Event: Ngabuburit with Sushi Tei

preparing the sushi roll-making competition

p6100004e Event: Ngabuburit with Sushi Tei

Let’s make sushi! – the ingredients of Crispy Roll

p6100016e Event: Ngabuburit with Sushi Tei

Me wearing apron

readmore Event: Ngabuburit with Sushi Tei

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Have Fun at German Book Day

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

These photos were taken around 2 weeks a go, when I was visiting German Book Exhibiton at Goethe Institut, Jakarta. The books were written by Baden-Württemberg’s authors. I love to see those books, especially the children books. 😀 I love the illustration! So funny and unique. 😀

credits: edited by one of The Apems’s member (my best girls), Yoshyfumi. Photographed by Liza and Yoshyfumi

30 Have Fun at German Book Day

29 Have Fun at German Book Day

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