Stripes Attack!

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Lately I found so many nautical stripes everywhere! In hijabs, clothes, watches, shoes, EVERYWHERE! Wow, this is the new trend, I guess.. 😀

The good news is that I could find an affordable stripes cardigan for $ 6  only! And I call it mosquito cardie.. 😆

nyla11 Stripes Attack!

nyla21 Stripes Attack!

nyla31 Stripes Attack!

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Grey Tubular Shawl ($9) | Grey Inner ($1) | Black Headdress ($5) Grey Tops ($2) | Grey Pants ($5) | Mosquito Cardie ($6) | Black Belt ($3)| Black and White Heels ($20)

By the way, I wore this outfit to attend a Hijabers Community‘s meeting. Yes, we gathered together in order to organize everything regarding our launching on March. Can’t wait! It must be great meeting all hijabers sisters in Indonesia.. 😉

> All the nautical ladies (accidentally wore the nautical stripes! 😆 ) <

170166_1794669469205_1313758106_2017385_7265227_o Stripes Attack!

This is our picture!

170784_1794781632009_1313758106_2017588_3288536_o Stripes Attack!

Hijabers Community – photographed by: Sendy Monarchi

For more details and pictures, you can visit these adorable blogs: Sweet Escape and Saturday.



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Inspiration: Hangout Outfit

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Last week I had a good time with my girl, The Apems. We have updated about our activites, love life,  etc. to each other. I was very happy! Beside that,  we were decided to watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 on Platinum XXI – FX Lifestyle X’enter. 175686_1707948864262_1404282956_31812486_5081368_n Inspiration: Hangout Outfit

1150247_1707990585305_1404282956_31812625_3814388_n Inspiration: Hangout Outfit

what I wore for hangout? readmore Inspiration: Hangout Outfit

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Handmade Batik Necklace By Pernik Unik

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Recently I just ordered a batik necklace from Pernik Unik on Facebook. This online store is happen to be my ex-student’s business. But don’t ge me wrong, she is actually a graduate from University of Indonesia majoring architecture and also holding a master degree from an university in Holland. hahahaha, yeaaah my ex-student is soo cool isn’t she? mrgreen Handmade Batik Necklace By Pernik Unik

Anywaaaay, she’s so good on making handmade stuffs. You can see her masterpiece on her facebook account. The reason why I’m writing this post is to support her, and also to support Batik as Indonesian’s heritage. 🙂

qp8060015-horz Handmade Batik Necklace By Pernik Unik readmore Handmade Batik Necklace By Pernik Unik

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Event: Fashion Tendance 2011- Intertwine

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

The first group of Fashion Tendance 2011 was Muslim Wear. This group consist of seven designers – Hannie Hananto, Nieta Handayani, Ida Royani, Najua Yanti, Fenny Mustafa, Anne Rufaidah, and Dian Pelangi. I was so lucky to be there, I had a good time, especially because I had the opportunity to meet my pretty hijabers. They were so stunning! Bravo! 🙂

8qp8140028 Event: Fashion Tendance 2011- Intertwine readmore Event: Fashion Tendance 2011- Intertwine

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