Straight Shawl Tutorial 1

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Today I wanna share my latest tutorial for MISLA (my clothing line) using Straight Shawl by MISLA. Apparently I have made 4 tutorials for MISLA. 2 of them are using Tubular Shawl (also by MISLA). These tutorials were made for Hijabers Community Hijab Class last weekend. MISLA sponsored the shawls for the participants. Yaay!

But on this post I’ll share the 1st tutorial only. I’ll post other tutorials next time.. 😆 Enjoy!

tutorial-1-fixed-haura Straight Shawl Tutorial 1

1. Put your “ninja” inner on.

2. Put your straight shawl with the left side shorter than the right side.

3. Pin it on the back.

4. Cross the longer side of your shawl to the left, and fold it by following the natural line of the shawl.

5. Bring it to the front.

6. Bring it to the top of your head.

7. Pin it again.

8. Bring again the longer side of your shawl to the right side. Take the longest corner of the shawl.

 9. Bring the longest corner to the left side.

10. Pin it inside the shawl.

11. Voila! It’s a wrap! 😉



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  1. assalamualaikum…sedikit bingung dari step 4 ke 5…keliatan beda hasilnya kalau aku coba…could yo please make a tutorial on youtube..thanks 🙂

  2. Could you please do this as a tutorial on youtube? I love the way it looks but can’t quite figure out some of the steps – it always looks different when I try it! Thanks 🙂

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