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Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Last week I had a good time with my girl, The Apems. We have updated about our activites, love life,  etc. to each other. I was very happy! Beside that,  we were decided to watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 on Platinum XXI – FX Lifestyle X’enter. 175686_1707948864262_1404282956_31812486_5081368_n Inspiration: Hangout Outfit

1150247_1707990585305_1404282956_31812625_3814388_n Inspiration: Hangout Outfit

what I wore for hangout?

ax6 Inspiration: Hangout Outfit

ax3 Inspiration: Hangout Outfit

I wore 2 pieces pashmina with different colors and fabrics. The 1st one was placed on my head, it’s a pleated purple pashmina, not so long and not so big compares to regular pashmina. The 2nd pashmina was placed on my shoulders, it’s a turquoise regular pashmina.

aaimg00085-20101123-1227 Inspiration: Hangout Outfit

ax2 Inspiration: Hangout Outfit

1x4 Inspiration: Hangout Outfit

ax5 Inspiration: Hangout Outfit

ax1 Inspiration: Hangout Outfit

Pleated Purple Pashmina | Black Arabian Inner | Pendant Pin | Turquoise Pashmina | Black T-Shirt | Black Turtleneck | Blue Jeans | Red Flats by Gioretti | Red Chain Bag by Chanel | Pearl Bracelet | Watch

We also had a good time with the new Magnum Ice Cream.. Yum Yum.. mrgreen Inspiration: Hangout Outfit

aaimg00095-20101123-1731 Inspiration: Hangout Outfit

Tips: Don’t be afraid to mixmatch your hijab colors! Monotone is soo last year girls! 😉



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  1. yup setuju ola harus PD dan nyaman bereksperimen maka terciptalah style fashion hehehe
    jalan ma sobat tentu saja make yang simpel dan sepatu datar soalnya bisa keliling mall berjam2 hihihihi

  2. i love the layering and that mixmatching ! but I love monotone too kaak .. hehe tergantung lagi pergi kemananya sih..
    anyway, i love magnum too sayangnya mahal T_T

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