EF #11: What So Called OOTD

Assalamu’alaikum fellow readers!

EF Challenge for this week is hilarious! It is because most members of BEC aren’t fashion bloggers. They rarely took an Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) post on their blogs, hahahaha.. Yes unlike me, though.. whatever.

b-amakal-29-682x1024 EF #11: What So Called OOTD

So, I’m freakin’ curious to see other members’ posts, and this is also quite important because I can try to recognize the faces behind their cool blogs! Since I’m a newcomer, and they don’t provide enough selfie photos to their blog readers.

So, an OOTD post? Yes please! 😀

Ihiiiy.. Finally! Oh, and maybe I will get the chance to see BEC admins such as mas Ryan on his V-neck Shirt, Nita on peculiar hijab style, Deva with a girly look, mbah Andik in a suit and tie, or  mas Dani with a hat. 😆

Okay, it’s only my imagination actually. 

b-amakal-32 EF #11: What So Called OOTD

b-amakal-31-682x1024 EF #11: What So Called OOTD

Back to the topic, according to the explanation on BEC blog, I supposed to write about the details of my OOTD photos. Like I usually do. So here they are:

I wore Plain Shawl Black by MISLA as my hijab. For the basic top, I wore white t-shirt which I got from my brother (it’s a typical souvenir t-shirt from abroad), meanwhile for the bottom I wore a Pants from MISLA’s old collection, which I forgot the name, hahaha.

As the attention stealer, I also wore an outer called Victoria Long Coat in Peach, which I already wrote the creative proccess about this gorgeous outer HERE.

For the accessories, I feel incomplete without my black Longchamp tote bag, a pair of socks, and jelly shoes from Melpop by Melissa. Remember on how loyal I am to one kind of bag and shoes that I wrote HERE? So yes, you will literally see the same things all over again. 😆

That’s all!


Tips & Trick To Produce Great OOTD Photos

  • Invest on a great camera. I personally use DSLR camera, but on this post, I didn’t use my camera, it was amam Suci‘s DSLR camera with fix lens. My camera is Canon 60D, with fix lens 50 mm F 1.8. “Invest in the most expensive camera that you can afford“, quoted from Arbain Rambey – a tips for beginner photographer.
  • Strike a natural pose. If you can’t do extraordinary poses like the professional models, then just stick to the standard poses, just improvise with your arms and face expression. super sotoy
  • Make as many photos as you can. Deal with them later. hahahahaha.
  • Teach your housemaid to take photos from your camera. You can’t always count on tripod or random people, right? Remember to teach her until the photos aren’t blurry anymore, huahahaha.
  • Know your angle. My strength or my confidence area is when the right side of my face are facing the camera. Pretend-I-am-walking pose with one leg in front and the other one behind is also great to make illusion of being slim. which I actually not
  • Mix & match your clothes. d’uh?

I hope you enjoy my writing as much as I am when I was writing it. Bye! 😀

PS: Thank you Ibu for taking my pictures!



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  1. Wa’alaikumsalam 🙂 –> it’s mandatory for answering salaam :))

    The tips is awesome. Your OOTD is making me like… OMG, I have to improve my fashion taste 🙂

    • hahahaha.. thank you for answering it mbak..
      ups, never meant to do that loh aku mbaa Nurul 😆

  2. Hehe… you’re wrong… I am just posted mine… but no tie and any formal outfits, not even close… XD

    Btw, kayaknya aku telat blm baca tips-nya, jdnya foto alakadarnya… heuheu

    • I already said that it’s only my imagination.. Dan khayalan yg tampaknya tidak bakal terwujud hahahaha..

  3. waawww…great tips and tricks for posting ootd post…
    so, for the great result like above photos should be invest dslr camera ya… hihihi nice blog mba Ola..

    • thank you! yes, you should be. dslr cam untuk menghasilkan foto bokeh2 gitu kan seruu.. tapi banyak juga pocket camera yang hasilnya sudah cukup kece utk di upload di blog kok.. 😀

  4. Gorgeous! love the coat. Thanks for the tips, and oh.. know your angle? hmm.. kudu rajin2 OOTD niech biar tau angle yang okeh.. ^_^

    • practice makes perfect mbaa.. Latihan di depan kaca juga bisyaaa.. hahaha

  5. wow.. nice hijab.. with good picture.. i haven’t wrtitting for this week challenge.. i still looking for the good pic.. 😀 hahahhaha..

    • thank you mbak! Kebetulan emang yang nulis ini suka bener dipoto…hahaha

  6. HAHAHAA TEACH YOUR HOUSEMAID TO USE CAMERA! Sorry Ola, I am really laughing on your idea because I did it also! x)))

    But this morning, I forget to ask her to take my ootd. Mmm…may be I want to ask my collegues to take my photo. :*

  7. Oh fix lens.. Pantesan bokehnya kece. 😛

    Cakep, Mbak Olaaaa.. Gampang aja ya bikin OOTD nya. Aku sih nyomot foto yang pas liburan bulan kemaren. Wkwkwk 😀

    • hehehe itu kebetulan sekalian ketemu temen2.. jadi sekalian foto deeh 😀

  8. Besides the coat, I’m intereted to the jelly shoes hihi
    Okay, Mbak, invest the camera first, learning the feature later yak 😀 Oh, I also ask si Mbak to take my picture sometimes wkwkw

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