EF #3: How Gadgets Affect My Life

Update: My post has been reviewed and corrected by the mentors of BEC, mba Yo and mba Nana. Thank you! So, I highlighted my mistakes and the corrections in blue. 😉

“Remark to Ola: try to vary the word gadget or gadgets with synonyms. You repeat the word quite often in your post.” – mba Yo


Assalamu’alaikum fellow readers!

This week’s challenge is quite complicated. Although it was my idea (…and I regret it now, DUH), this topic is really hard to handle. I can easily write about it in Bahasa Indonesia, but in english????


Okay then, let me try to sort everything up.

IMG_3870 EF #3: How Gadgets Affect My Life

Gadget. Who doesn’t have it? Even my nanny at home have has it and intensively communicate with her children and friends who live in the village with it. It really helps her to reduce her homesick during her working time at my house. So the effect of gadget in her life is a positive one.

Then how about me? readmore EF #3: How Gadgets Affect My Life

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EF #2: What Is My Wildest Dream?

Assalamu’alaikum fellow readers!

Okay, this is tough. I’ve been wondering all day about this BEC challenge for today’s English Friday (EF), yet I’ve got almost nothing to share.. 😀

Is it because I’m getting older, thus I can’t dream as wild as I were young(er)?

IMG_3571 EF #2: What Is My Wildest Dream? readmore EF #2: What Is My Wildest Dream?

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Polling: Topik Apa Yang Menarik?

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Seharian hujan terus, bikin mager untuk nulis atau post sesuatu yang berat-berat (maksudnya banyak effort, nawaitu, persiapan, dll).. *seruputtehmanisanget* 😀

Dear my fellow readers, bantu saya untuk memutuskan sesuatu yang penting untuk kelanjutan blog ini yaaaa.. Saya ingin tahu pendapat kamu tentang topik yang paling menarik atau yang paling ingin kamu baca di blog ini.

Berhubung blog ini isinya campursari, saya ingin tahu sebenarnya topik apa sih yang paling eyecathing untuk blog ini? Sekalian untuk cari inspirasi postingan selanjutnya.. 💡

Monggo, silahkan dipilih yaa.. 😉

Makasih banyak yaaa, have a great Monday! 💡

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EF #1: Equilibrium

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

After I read mba Nita’s post about BEC, I decided to join this new club. My intention is to practice my english which I barely used since long time ago. Actually my confidence just drop into the lowest level after I read some blog posts of my fellow BEC bloggers. 😆

Long story short, as member of BEC, we shall make post every Friday based on the picked theme, and it has to be written in English (English Frday/ EF). Yep, this kind of challenge did make me gulp, and drown me in sweat, literally! Pfiuh..

So this week theme is “word for 2015“.

I want to pick a word that describe my vision to be more consistent, stable, content and balanced. So I chose:

equilibrium1-1024x330 EF #1: Equilibrium

Screen-Shot-2015-01-09-at-9.28.19-PM EF #1: Equilibrium
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Resolusi Blog 2015

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Ada yang sadar kah kalau menginjak tahun 2015 ini saya sering banget posting di blog ini?? 😀

Sebenarnya ada resolusi terselubung yang ditanamkan kuat-kuat di sanubari relung hati dan palung jiwa bahwa pada saatnya nanti, di tahun 2015, saya akan mencoba istiqomah untuk ngeblog pada setiap tanggal genap. Hahahaha.. Semacam lagi nunggu wangsit aja ya mesti di tanggal tertentu untuk melakukan sesuatu, hauuk ah.. 😆

IMG_3144 Resolusi Blog 2015
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